Monday, July 30, 2012

YouTube Tutorials

I am constantly learning new things from YouTube.  If I'm ever curious as to how to do something (and it's always girly things like hair, make up and nails) Youtube is my go to site.  It's kind of one of my favorite past times. Seriously, the majority of things I know how to do is because of how to videos.  They're great resources, and they're free!  Why not take advantage of it?  The very first thing I looked up on YouTube was a tutorial video on how to do a certain hairstyle.  Ever since then, I was hooked!

Since the majority of our class is girls (sorry guys!) I decided to share this video.  It teaches you how to french braid your bangs.  It's super cute and really easy!  This is actually the exact video that I watched and learned how to french braid--so obviously it's really helpful too! Enjoy!

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