Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to Ink & Color on Adobe Illustrator

I love YouTube when it comes to learning new things. You really can learn almost anything if you just look it up on either Google or YouTube. I mainly look up 'how-to' videos that help me draw or do digital work. Thanks to YouTube I've taught myself a lot of cool Adobe skills before even taking a class that teaches it to me. It just shows anyone can learn if they try hard enough.

The video above is showing people how to quickly 'ink' and 'color' their drawings using Adobe Illustrator in a timely manner. I like learning things fast so watching videos is much more preferred than reading, and it's great that I get to watch and pause the video when I try to copy what the person is performing.

I really enjoy this video and recommend it to anyone that is new to Illustrator and wants to try digitizatizing something they sketched up. He speaks clearly and uses a program that lets you watch what tool he uses and where he goes to achieve certain effects. This is a great video to have open and playing while doing your own drawing in the background, you'll learn quickly by matching what he does and you can restart the video endless times until you finally understand.

YouTube is a great source for learning all sorts of things. If you ever are curious about something or want to try something new look it up on YouTube. I'm happy there are so many people willing to help and post these videos for people learning like me!

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