Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Unique Websites

Screenshot of Reddit's layout
It's interesting to think about how few websites I actually go to on a regular basis, considering there are over 225 million domain names, which can each host one webpage, or hundreds. Reddit is by far my favorite place to go when I separate my laptop screen from my keyboard and press the power button. Links are submitted by users based on relevance and interest, and other users upvote and downvote the links if they found them useful or interesting, making the links toward the top of the page the most sought after and relevant to whats currently going on. There is a "Front Page" which compiles the top links from various "subreddits", or the user can direct themselves to a "subreddit" that is tailored to one specific topic, like gamingtechnology, or news. The beautiful thing about Reddit is the influence the users have not only online but offline as well, and the amount of control and input the users have on the content.
Another current favorite of mine is fftoolbox,
fftoolbox screenshot
which is a fantasy football website with information on teams, players, and other breaking news from around the NFL. The content and usability are the main reasons I find myself on this site a lot. There are other fantasy football websites with very similar content, but this site is easy to use and navigate. The last website I will introduce you to is the nbcnews website, which is my go to source for breaking, or archived news stories from our county and around the world. With different news categories and a very nice website design, this new site is one of the best on the internet. Formally msnbc.com, the new website design and functionality are all major improvements from the former.
For project 3, I think I would like to set up a website for students here at Texas State that allows them to make online 'arrangements' to meet new people and enjoy various activities around the city. For instance, I am an avid golfer, but very few of my friends share the same love for the game as I do. This website will allow two, or more people, to exchange some information online and arrange a time in which they would both like to go and enjoy an activity together. But the activities should not just be limited to golf or other sports, it can also include indoor activities like laser tag, bowling, shopping, trying a new restaurant, or even study groups. The purpose is to encourage interaction between students, and others alike, in a world where it's easy to sit on your couch all day on your day off. Human to human interaction should be more of a priority in our lives, yet it seems to be teetering the opposite direction.

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