Monday, July 23, 2012

Designing the Internet

The amount of sites of the web is huge. Picking just 3 that are well designed is tough, but the following are my picks:
  • Pinterest- My praise for Pinterest could go on and on. The idea of pinning items and websites all onto boards is so simple and easy. And the way the website is laid out makes becoming a pinner, very easy. They also make it easy to click on an item and stay where you are on Pinterest through opening a new webpage/tab. Wanna see my boards? Click here!
This is very true!
  • Yahoo!- I really like the way Yahoo! is set up. Right away, you can see what is trending and check out the featured news and videos they have. I also like that you can then scroll down the page and see even more articles under different categories. The colors and layout are simple and I like the block divisions on the page. You can even have a Yahoo! profile, much like a Facebook profile, which is something I didn't even know.     
Simple but effective design. 

  • YouTube- YouTube is such a big online video player for people all over the world. To have so many people viewing your website daily, it needs to be functional and easy. YouTube is definitely that. All the site really needs is a search bar, but they add their recommended videos based on what you watch and if you're a member, they add the videos you subscribe too. I like the blocked layout and titles of YouTube, I like that it looks simple and the dark colors. One channel I subscribe too is just for laughs and is called Losing All Hope Was Freedom.
Easy on the eyes design.

Here's a video that might make you laugh:

My idea for Project 3 is to do it over Glass Blowing. It is something that really interests me and designing a website about it would be fun! 

How cool would it be to make these type of items?
I like the idea of the layout being different divisions across the page horizontally. With pictures, I like what Pinterest does and I think that would look great with different projects and ideas you can do with glass blowing. I want something simple and I like the dark colors because it seems more sophisticated. 

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