Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Websites that I LOVE

First of all, I'm a girly girl. So naturally, I love Pinterest.com. Not just because of the content, but because of the simplistic them and easy-to-navigate layout. I love it. LOVE it. Also, it's ad free (besides the occasional spam "pin"). The idea is genius, and I love to craft, so I can spend hours at a time on this website and still manage to feel productive!!

For shopping purposes, I love Alloy.com. It says that it's a "teen fashion" site, but it actually has very cute clothes for all ages and all occasions. I prefer Alloy to other shopping sites because, again, it is very easy to navigate. It also has interesting articles for young women, horoscopes, and lots of sweepstakes if you're into that stuff!

As I said earlier, I'm a bona fide girly girl. So naturally - I love to do pretty things with my pictures for Facebook, Twitter, Instragram - whatever. My all-time favorite photo-editing website is Befunky.com.  While most photo-editing websites charge extra for the "premium" effects, Befunky is completely free. I have also found that Befunky is very easy to use - it takes no time to make an ordinary picture into a masterpiece! It also has an awesome app!

For Project 3, I am doing a website dedicated to my hobby - running. I am going to document my progress and my accomplishments, and provide links to related websites. I want my site to be visually stimulating, but simple and easy to navigate.

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