Monday, April 26, 2010

Peer Pressure

Selina Affram and Kristen Williams are doing a presentation aid on the topic of peer pressure. It will include video clips to open the presentation, advice for students, a photo slideshow to display common peer pressure scenarios, an original video with interviews from experts and students, and other useful links.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Diffusing Stereotypes Through Knowledge: Exploring Spanish-Language Documentaries

Anita Santa-Coloma and I will share with audiences coverage from Texas State University's recent international Spanish-language documentary festival "Puntos de Vista" and provide Web viewers with a more in-depth look at issues discussed in the documentaries. The event took place Thursday, April 8 in the LBJ Student Center and showcased 16 documentaries from eight institutions in four Latin American countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru).

We plan to incorporate photographs from the event as well as video footage and interviews with a few of the festival's participants. It will be interesting to hear the students' opinions on the issues presented in their documentaries as well as their perceptions of media in the United States.

Lambda Delta- Leadership Development Program

We decided to do our project on Texas State's "Lambda Delta"- Leadership Development Program. Our focus is going to be about how the program got started and why, as well as what some of their goals are. We will also be hitting on who some of the members are, why they joined, and what they hope to get out of the program. Finally we will be including a section on the philanthropy project that the members are working on in the quad this week.

Amanda and Claire's final project idea

This multimedia project will tell the story of Texas State commuters through the eyes of one. It will also serve to recognize the non traditional student population at Texas State.

We are going to profile a commuter/nontraditional student. She is commutes from an hour and a half away and is a mother and wife as well. She is also pregnant.

This project will include a studio interview, printed story, map, chart, etc.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eric and Rhea Tx State Music Site

In our site Eric and I are going to explore the music interest of Texas State students. On the homepage we plan to include a list of recent Texas State music events (songwriter's night, live performances) as well as resources relevant to students interested in local music. In another page we plan on shooting some video of live Tx State musicians in this section we will also include any interview with the musicians. We also want to include an interactive which correlates major to music interest. Finally we plan to include interviews with students and faculty discussing what they listen to and their thoughts and opinions on music. There may be sound-bites with this part.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Virtual Tour of San Marcos

Lisa and I are planning to make a website (not Web site, thanks to the new AP style handbook) about how great San Marcos is and what makes it so unique. We will include all aspects of San Marcos from class-life to nightlife. We will have a "People of San Marcos" section, a "Texas State" section, a "Nightlife" section, a "Local Business" section and a "River" section. Our goal is to basically give the people that go to our site a virtual tour of San Marcos.

And it'll be awesome. Just saying. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

College students and diet - the way we eat (final project idea)

Adri and I are going to do our final assignment on the topic of college kids and diet. We plan to explain the way college kids eat, cook, and stay healthy (or unhealthy).
While many students rely solely on Ramen Noodles and EasyMac, others take the time to cook and plan meals on a daily basis - depending on lifestyle and schedule.
On the site, we could have pages that provide recipes for the on-the-go students, plans and tips to prepare meals when you are constantly busy, and unhealthy habits to kick. Also, we could provide a page that talks about how students actually eat and the unhealthy long term effects of such eating habits.
Maybe our pages could be this: 1) typical college diet 2) side effects of typical college diet 3)healthy alternatives (college friendly recipes) 4)tips for planning meals 5) interviews with students 6) helpful links
For the interviews, we could interview students around campus on camera and ask them questions about a normal day for them when it comes to diet and exercise. We could feature unhealthy students, as well as healthy students.