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Hotels in manhattan near times square

I used google to find the best hotel prices in manhattan near times square. Google led me to, a hotel search engine that allows you to search for specific hotels and/or specific features like distance from popular tourist destinations. There are literally THOUSANDS of hotel finding and rating sites, but this is a site that is easy to find and use.

The fact that the cold war encouraged the idea of the "Internet" surprised me the most. I thought college students and learning institutions were the biggest motivators.

Search Engines and Directories

Q: How much does it cost to get high speed Internet service in the Austin area?

A: Knowing that there are many Internet service providers in the Austin area, I thought it was best to find a web site that would compare prices. I googled 'compare high speed Internet Austin, Tx'. About the 4th option down was a link that said 'Austin High Speed Internet Providers', so I clicked on it. It took me to a web site called It gave me a list of deals, the lowest priced one being with the company Centurylink for $29.95/mo and the highest being with Clear for $45.00/mo. I know, from experience, that neither of these companies provide very fast, reliable service, so I went back to google and checked the price of 'Roadrunner' by Time Warner Cable. After entering my zip code and address, the Time Warner web site offered me the price of $45.00/mo for cable Internet.

As for the video we watched in class, I was surprised to find out that the Internet was starting to be invented in the 1950's, but was put on the back burner to concentrate on space exploration research. If they had known what a money maker the Internet would end up being, I'm sure they would have paid a little more attention to it! Shoulda, woulda, coulda...


Hi friends,

My assignment was: Find one news event that happened on the exact day you were born.

When looking for the answer, my first thought was to use something from our online library resources. While I love the helpful resources Texas State gives us, the online library wasn't getting the job done. So I went to Google and typed in "October 17, 1988 News." In .16 seconds I had a plethora of helpful sites. I clicked on PR Newswire archives and discovered Compaq introduces innovative new laptop PC.

Then I Googled a picture of this "innovative" device and wow look what I found...

In regards to the film we watched in class, this picture pretty much says it all... Technology has come a long way in 22 years. This laptop weighs 14 pounds and is 4 inches high by 13. 5 inches wide. It was advertised as easy to carry. I'm going to go ahead and call their bluff. I wouldn't want to carry around that thing in an airport trying to catch a connecting flight. Our generation is very lucky with all the truly innovative technology we have and we need to use it to our advantage!

Web searching

Being a Mac, I knew that simply searching for "apple imac" would return the apple store as the top hit. I clicked Scrolling down a bit I see "New Processor architecture"
Clicking that I read that available are quad-core Intel Core i5 and Core i7. To double check, I click a button to take me to where I can configure my own if I wanted to buy one and see that the quad-core Intel Core i7 is the most powerful processor.

Wilco + Facts about the Interwebs

How I found the names of each members of Wilco and where they are from:

First, I went to google. Then I typed in "Wilco Band Bio" and their Wikipedia article appeared first. In the Wikipedia article, I found the names of each member on the right side of the screen. I clicked on each individual's name, and I almost found the whole band's hometown, except for two: Glenn Kotche and Mikael Jorgensen. I took many steps for each band member, but finally found both of their bio's on their side project's sites.

For Glenn Kotche, I went back to Google and searched, "Where is Glenn Kotche from Wilco from." His personal website appeared at the top of the Google search. I found his bio in his website. I also clicked on shows and discovered that he will be performing solo is TONIGHT AT 8:00pm in AUSTIN at Bass Concert Hall!

Mikael Jorgensen's search was not as easy as Glenn's. In Glenn's Wiki article, there was a link, "VH1 Wilco Bio," so I clicked on that, but the site did not exist anymore. Then I googled, "Mikael Jorgensen's website. His side project, Pronto, myspace appeared halfway down the list, so I clicked on that. There was no bio! I went back to Google and saw that Pronto's website was at the top of my search. There I found Mikael's bio and discovered where he's from.

Now here's the skinny:

Jeff Tweedy
Songwriter/leader of Wilco.
From Belleville, Illinois.

John Stirratt:
Bassist and multi-instrumentalist.
From New Orleans, LA.

Nels Cline:
Lead Guitarist.
From Los Angeles, CA
Glenn Kotche:
Drummer and composer. From Chicago, IL

Pat Sansone:
Meridian, Mississippi.

Mikael Jorgensen:
Pianist and keyboardist.
From Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

Moving along, yesterday in our class video, there were many facts about the internet that I was unaware of. Here are some of the facts that I did not know:
  • The internet originated in the 1950s
  • First computers were never intended to communicate with others.
  • J.C.R. Licklider invented Ethernet.
  • During the 1960s, He demanded an access queue, to wait and see how long it takes to get on a network and if it was disrupted.
  • Also during the 1960s, telephones were not dependable. Calls were constantly dropped and this caused chaos for our government and for US Army officials during the Vietnam War. Paul Baran changed invented routing, aka HOT POTATO. It's purpose was to never have dropped calls again by being able to have connection to whomever you're speaking to even if the other connection/network is dead.

Twin Peaks - Leigh Morgan

Q: When did the TV show Twin Peaks go off the air?
A: June 10, 1991

I found this answer by going to google. I typed in twin peaks imdb and clicked the first link. From the IMDB website, I went to the full episode list and found that the final episode aired on June 10, 1991. It was episode 22 of season 2, to be more specific.

From the video we watched on Monday, I learned that people were content with their communication systems prior to the internet and that that computer communication was not a big deal. I was also surprised that the internet was responsible for 1/3 of economic growth in 1998.

Flight from Austin to Singapore.

The assignment was to find the lowest airfare from Austin to Singapore. I figured since I always use Google, I would try something different first (i.e. Bing, Yahoo) but neither of these did the job. Sure, they gave me result but once I finally made my way back to normalcy and searched Google for "cheapest flight austin to singapore" they gave me 10 fold what Bing did.

They automatically had a sort of toolbar near the top of the list underneath the sponsored links that gave me about 7 different options right off the bat comparing prices. This was run by Expedia but was different from going to their personal website and trying it with there searches. The cheapest I could find one-way was $916, but round-trip was only $1212 either with United or mix and match airlines.

There is no non stop flight and it lasts roughly 27 hours. 

One of the most shocking things to me about the video was how lax they seemed to be about getting the "package system" of the initial stages of the internet developed. Basically, putting it off on grad students with a strict time line. It made me wonder if I was in their position if I would have just been happy to get it working slightly than perfecting it; whether I would have known the power and potential of what I was working on.

Hi, my name is...

My name is Tanner Castleschouldt. I'm a junior here at Texas State studying Mass Communication - Print Journalism with a minor in Business Admin. I grew up and lived in Conroe, Texas my entire life. It has been described as have a sort of black-hole type of atmosphere to it, meaning, if you don't escape right after high school you will most likely never leave. I tend to keep to myself a lot when in public or around elders, but I am usually considered a pretty 'rowdy' guy among most of my friends. My personality mostly consists of my sense of humor. I like watching almost all sports except for tennis and UFC stuff. Lame. I love music and consider that one of my only hobbies. If I could do anything in life, I'd become a beer connoisseur.

Google is the Answer Guru :)

My question for class was:

Q:  How old is Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, and when is her birthday?

A:  In order to answer it, I went to and typed in: "How old is Beyonce's sister, Solange?" and several pages came up, the first of which was the wikipedia page on Solange Knowles that is somewhat of a biography for her. It listed her birthday as June 24, 1986 which would make her 24 years old.

I wanted to get a more approximate answer, so I went back to google and typed in: "age calculator" in the search bar. The first result that was provided was a site entitled, "Math Cats" which allows you to type in a birth date and it calculates and displays the exact age in different measurements.

So to answer the question more accurately:

Solange Knowles was born on June 24, 1986 and (as of Jan. 26, 2011 @ 12:20am) she is:
- 295 months old
- 1282 weeks old
- 8981 days old
- 215544 hours old
- 12932658 minutes old
- and 775959546..7..8..9..

On a different note...

In class Monday, we also watched the first part of the movie called, "The History of the Internet" and it got me thinking.

Today, we use the Internet for everything; social networking, banking, education, information, shopping–the list gets bigger everyday.

Can you imagine, a world without Internet?

Well, about 50 years ago, what we take for granted today, began as an idea.
Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth–oh about 1957  or so, computers were the size of buildings and were only capable of working on a single task at a time.

Eventually, computers gained the capability to send information back and forth when a man named Ray Tomlinson came along and, in his spare time mind you, invented e-mail  (Thank you Ray!) In 1992, there was a meager 50 web pages on the Web and a year later the first browser was invented. In the early 90′s the Web experienced a 341,000% growth, igniting the foundation of the Internet experience that we know and love today.

That's it for today :)



My Name Is....

Hello :)
My name is Jacqueline Dubow. I was born on a Friday the 13th and raised in El Paso, Texas with three sisters and a brother and my fabulous parents :)

I was raised in the media world which I believe inspired my passion for advertising and creativity in general since I was a very young and when I graduate, my family and I are going to start a creative service agency.

To generally sum myself up: I'm a fun-loving-spontaneous-adventure craving-creative-untimely-bad spelling-family loving-future world traveler that's studying advertising and creative writing at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MLB Leading "Base thief" in 2002

The Florida Marlins ranked more than once for stolen bases in the 2000s. Two-time champion Luis Castillo led for the most stolen bases in 2000 and in 2002. The infielder led for 48 stolen bases that year and also helped lead the Marlins to the World Series the following year in 2003.

To conduct my search on who led the most stolen bases in a National League for Major League Baseball, I used the search engine Google and typed in key words that I knew would help result in a successful search. I used key words like “led for stolen bases in MLB 2002,” also including the year helped narrow down my search. I chose open the first option in the results, which was titled “MLB stolen base leaders by the year-2000s." My search results were pretty accurate on the first try, the time it took to gain accurate results was 0.23 seconds. I used a picture from the website as well.

The video “Behind the Web,” provided a detailed explanation on how the invention of the Internet began and the amount of contribution made by many different people over the years that ultimately led the Internet to what it is today. Many researchers such as Bob Taylor, JCR Licklider, President Eisenhower (who established ARPA) and many others all played their part with different ideas and theories that led to the overall creation of the web and internet connection. I found it interesting that it took so much research and work just to create the correct pathway to transmit a simple message.

MLB Photo provided by:

Trisha Craddock

Search Engines and Directories

My assigned question was, "What are the required courses for a journalism major at the University of Texas?" I began my search by entering "ut" into the Google search bar. In 0.11 seconds Home/The University of Texas at Austin appeared at the top of the page. I clicked on the link and it took me to the university's home page. I found web site's search bar at the top left of the page and typed in "journalism major". It brought up a few search results. I scrolled down the page and found "School of Journalism" I clicked on the link and immediately noticed "Undergrad Program". Under the undergrad programs was "Degree Requirements" and on that page I scrolled down and found the Journalism 2010-2012 Catalog under the degree checklist. I was able to see all required courses for a journalism by viewing the catalog.

Comment about the video:
I was very surprised to hear that AT&T and IBM turned down an opportunity to invest in the internet. It's hard to believe that anyone ever doubted the potential of the internet!


Search Engine Assignment

My assignment was to act like I was in the market for a new digital camera and search some different ones along with finding a price range, special features and what brand I would select.

I simply typed in the word digital cameras into Google and had an enormous amount of feedback including websites that reviewed each type of camera. I chose to read through for information on the most highly rated and reliable cameras. The most popular ones seemed to be Canon or Nikon (I was looking up SLR along with point & shoot). Prices for the SLR's ranged from $499 - $1,299 and point & shoot's being much cheaper starting at $129 - $599. Features you want to look for are high resolution, ability to record video, high megapixel zoom and digital zoom just to name a few.

The video 'Behind the Web' was very interesting to me because I had not known half the things that were being talked about. It was surprising to me to hear that no big companies wanted to take on and fund the project that developed the internet until BBN came along. Also, it was cool that Bob Taylor wanted to build the network to link computers to each other to share information which soon will become the internet.

I'm excited to see what else we will learn about how the internet came to be so popular and such a widely used tool across the world tomorrow in class!

Best Italian!

For the search engines and directories assignment my question was: Suggest a good Italian restaurant in the Austin area. What is the price range?

In my opinion, suggesting anything "good" to someone else,especially when it comes to food that you may not have even tried, always involves looking at reviews of others who have. So in tackling this question I thought of a great review website: Now I'll walk you though the process:

On Yelp's main page, search engine I typed "good Italian restaurant" and a list of the top-rated Italian restaurants in Austin popped up. Here I had a few options but in order to the best fit of a "good" restaurant, I read reviews from the top three rated restaurants. Still uncertain about which one to pick, I decided I needed to look at the Austin Chronicles Restaurant Poll so I went to the Austin Choronicle website. On the main page there was a tab labeled "Food." Under the "Food" tab I clicked on "restaurant poll" and on that page I clicked on the browse tab to "Browse by Award" then clicked on "Best Italian" and sure enough one of the top three restaurants that was listed on Yelp on had won "Best Italian" restaurant nine years in a row! That restaurant is Vespaio.

So using the Austin Chronicle really helped me narrow down my choice for a good Italian
restaurant. It's like with anything subjective, there needs to be somewhat of a sense of creditability from many different sources. For the price range, I went back to Yelp and clicked on Vespaio and there it gave me a price range that read:$$$=Spendy, $31-$60. So what's my recommendation: Vespaio, Price Range: $31-$60.

Shifting gears, we started watching "The Internet: Behind the Web" and although I'd seen it already last semester, I manage to find interesting facts about the process of the Internet that I hadn't notice before. Like the idea that BBM graduate students were working on the 9-month project of making IMP's or Internet Messaging Processors and were actually able to successfully create technology really says a lot about the importance of education and knowledge that can be gained in college that sometimes you may never gain outside of that environment. For me, that hit close to home since I definitely feel that way about the reason I'm in college studying my field.

Search Engine Assignment

Hey! It's Sarah and my question was: What is the high temperature in Anchorage, Alaska that is forecasted for this Sunday? I simply went and typed "weather for Anchorage, Alaska January, 29" in my Google toolbar. It came up with all these webites but to my surprise the weather channel website wasn't on the first page. The high is will be 29 degrees. This information came from

History of the Internet: Some interesting things to me that were on this video was that the Internet helped the economic growth in 1998. Another interesting fact was when Bob Metcafe had mentioned that back in the 60s people were lucky to have computers in the city. I think we take computers for granted and expect to have access to them at all times, which we pretty much do. I still find it amazing the things that people come up with by using the Internet. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next 20 years...

Search Engine / Video Assignment

Hi class, my assignment was to find out who Lawrence Lessig was. Since Google has never let me down when searching for names, I typed in the name "Lawrence Lessig" in Google. In 0.11 seconds, Google found about 425,000 results. I chose to click on the second link,, Lessig's official site.

Other than being a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, Lessig is an author of several books focusing primarily on copyright law in the digital age. He is also a co-founder of Creative Commons. Once I read his biography, I quickly recognized him from a TED video on YouTube.

The speed at which anyone with a computer and a broadband internet connection can obtain information today is astounding. The video that we were watching in class lets us appreciate the hard work and innovation that was put into creating the internet. I had never heard a good explanation of the history behind the internet, so I'm glad I saw this video. It's hard to imagine that most computers were as big as rooms back then, but now many are as big as a human hand, sometimes smaller.

I can't wait to see the technology that my future children will grow up with years from now.

State of the Union/Video Reflection/Assignment...


While watching the State of the Union Address I was, strangely, reminded of the video we watched in class the other day.

I was a little taken aback during the video when one contributer said the sole reason for developing communication came from fear of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Knowing the technology we have today and seeing how it's efficiency has changed the world, it seemed strange to me that people didn't initially see other reasons for a push.

Tonight, the president spent a great amount of time talking about how innovation is crucial for America to remain in its economic position. He pointed out that countries like Russia and China are advancing because of a push in early education. These countries understand they have an opportunity to "get ahead" by developing technology before the rest of the world. He called our era a "sputnik moment". He (or rather the individual who wrote his speech) recognizes that Americans should once again fear Russia and other countries for their advances. He boasted that we are the nation of Google and Facebook. But what will be next? And who will create it? He hopes this moment of fear will once again drive Americans to innovate, like it did last century. I guess we will see.

Moving on....

My assignment was to find the #1 song on this day in the UK. This was easy enough. Here are the steps I took:

1. Typed "#1 song in UK" into Google
2. Clicked on the third option, "UK Singles Top 40"
3. Up came a list with Grenade, by Bruno Mars, at #1
4. I checked a couple other sites the initial search yielded to make sure

So the answer: Grenade, Bruno Mars (Am I the only one whose never heard it??)

That's all for now!



Search engines are amazing! My question was: What is the average price of a home in the Austin Area?

Well, I simply typed "average price of home in Austin, Texas into google and the first website that popped up was Cost of Living - The Greater Austin. In the article it said: Compared to other major business centers, Austin is well known for offering affordable living. The National Association of Realtors reports that the median home price in Austin was $187,400 in 2009 while the national median was $173,200.

Then I decided to look on yahoo, and the same article appeared first after the sponsored links, which made me think it was a credible article. I continued searching to try to find a more recent article to show more current prices. Next, I typed +2011 and found a more recent study. This is what I found:

Real Estate Market Report January 2011
Average Price
$252,510 average price of homes.
3.51% decrease over last year.
First decrease in 7 months—
since the end of the tax credit.
Median Price
$195,000 median price of homes.

In the video about the history of the internet, I learned a few interesting things. I had never heard of hot potato routing before, about getting information through even with a broken spot in the maze through the network. Also, I didn't realize that in 1969 was in information became more immediate on computers. They referred to it as time sharing when you could ask a question and "immediately" get an answer!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Trisha Craddock

Hello everyone!!! My name is Trisha and I am a senior graduating in May!! My major is Mass Communication (General) with a minor in Business. I was aiming for a focus in Advertising but I decided to go with general so that I can graduate early and get into the work field. I am working on an entry-level position for pharmaceutical sales. I live in Austin and love it! I have to say i love running and anything that involves water sports! I am definitely looking forward to learning the aspects of web design and getting as creative as possible!

Search engine/ video assignment

My assignment was to suggest a book on finding the right pet.

The book I select is, "Are You the Pet for Me?: Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family" by Mary Jane Checci. This book is listed on as a "mass market" book. Users on Amazon rated the book five gold stars.

I found this book by doing a Google search with the phrases "book buying the right pet" and "book selecting the right pet". My searches yielded the book as the top response to my query. The author's webpage for the book also appeared in my searches.

I also searched Barnes & for books on pets and selecting pets. This search did not yield many relevant books.

If it wasn't for Larry Roberts I wouldn't have even been able to have done such a quick search. He had the mind to connect two computers. It's crazy to think that technology has progressed so rapidly. It was only a few years ago that the launch of the space station appeared to be the most advanced technology, and yet it has less computing power than the average personal computer.

The beginning of the internet network began with just two computers, then multiplied to four. The idea to connect computers seemed to be a long shot, an idea tossed to graduate students to tinker with. Large companies would not even touch the idea, let alone provide funding. Computers of the 1960's and 1970's were not built to run continuously. There was also no commonality between the computers being connected. These were all hurdles to be overcome before a connected network could form. The first computers were able to do simple data transfer. The computers in this network multiplied from two, to four, upwards and by the 1970's, 18 computers were connected. This brought about another problem, there was no way to find errors in the circuit. The solution, honeycomb shaped circuits, so that when one outlet was down another could transmit signals.

Search Exercise + Video Observations

Search Engine Exercise: #11-
As always I started my search using Google. I searched the words "hiking 60 miles around Austin." With about 453,000 results coming up, the link I clicked on (60 Hikes within 60 Miles: San Antonio & Austin Guide Book
) turned out to be just what I needed. Three of the top five trails are located right here in Austin! They are Sculpture Falls at Barton Creek, Bull Creek Trail and the Lower Barton Greenbelt.

History Channel: The Internet-Behind the Web
It's interesting to see how far technology as a whole has come along. Back in the late 60s, the idea of linking multiple computers to one network was unimaginable. To think that decades ago people were using Morse code and room-sized computers is mind absolutely mind boggling. Today, the world would not be able to survive without it. From the Blackberry to the iPhone, we walk around knowing that we have the world at our fingertips. It's a beautiful thing.

Intro Blog

Hello classmates,

I'm Ellen Hoffman. I am a senior PR major and incredibly excited to graduate in May. Yeah! I am currently looking for a job in development/fundraising in the non-profit sector. I love the nature of non-profit work, I can't wait to be set loose in the world!

I've interned/worked for both Texas State University and United Way of Hays County for over a year now. I start a new position this semester working in another department of the university learning how to use donor database software, which is crucial in the industry I am entering into. I also sit on the board of directors for River City Ballet.

School is winding down for me. Thankfully.

Work and school occupy a good chunk of my time.
As does my lovely boyfriend, he's my best friend and other half.
I LOVE my jobs, I love what I do. I can't wait to start a new professional life in just a few months.

I LOVE to cook, I love wine. I also design and sew clothes, and I can't resist watching trashy daytime television.

Our class looks like a great group and I look forward to this class being really enjoyable!

------- Ellen M. Hoffman

Search Exercise+History Ch. Observations

Search Engine Exercise
I began my search with Google by typing in "2011 MBA school rankings." Feeling lucky, I clicked on the first title (U.S. News and World Report). From there I found a link to "The Ratings" and the results are as follows...
1.Harvard University
2.Stanford University
3.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
History Channel: The Internet
It was funny to me how the video described '68 as a medieval time for communication. Also, it's interesting to think about how far the internet has come in such a short period of time. It began as an idea that no one thought anyone would use, computers became a machine that took up an entire room and today I carry a small handheld device in my pocket that allows me to use the internet (almost) whenever I want.


My name is Tina Hernandez. I am currently a senior attending Texas State University at San Marcos. I am majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Business Administration. I am 22-years-old and and am from McAllen, Texas. I am graduating in May and cannot wait!

Right now I am interning for The web site is planning to launch this March. I do research for the company and search for new contacts in different cities in the U.S. I am excited to gain the experience and am ready for whatever is coming my way!


Hi, my name is Leigh Morgan and I am a senior studying journalism and communication design. I love shopping, documentaries, good design, and I'm learning to love to work out. I had the opportunity to intern with Clear Channel Radio and Texas Monthly, where I met Matt (a Texas State alum), who was a huge advocate of this class and Cindy Royal. I graduate in May and can't wait to start my career.
My name is Raven Roth and I'm a senior majoring in Public Relations. I have been a member of Diamond Sweethearts for the past three years and a member of PRSSA for the past year. I plan on graduating next December and want to work in the entertainment public relations industry.

I grew up in Austin, Texas and still spend much of my free time there. After graduation, I would love to travel and am very open to moving somewhere new to start my career. I bartend in Austin part-time. In my free time I love being outdoors doing anything active. I have recently been training and hope to do a triathlon in the next six months. I enjoy sports and music and hope to work with one of the two in the future.


Hi everyone. My name is Bianca Davis and I am a journalism spanish double major in my final semester. I'm pretty stoked to be in web design because I could definitely learn a lot of the internet. My short term goals are to finish up this semester well and spend some time living in Austin and working to save up money for my move to Spain this November. I love to listen to live music, read, write and travel. I hope to one day combine all my loves into one pretty sweet job... if I can get someone to pay me for it that is.


'Ello there,
My name is Karli Jaenike, and I hope to graduate in May with a degree in mass communication (emphasis on public relations) and a minor in psychology. I would like to go into the music event production/promotion fields, and maybe help put on music festivals and shows. I grew up in Harlingen, which is in the Rio Grande Valley, on the very tip of Texas.
In my spare time I like to go watch live music, and I'm slightly obsessed with music festivals. Some of my favorites last year were the Kerrville Folk Fest, Wakarusa, Flipside, and Nocturnal Festival. I'd love to hit New Orleans Jazz Fest this year! I also like to go to the river (when weather permits), hula hoop, paint, do yoga, hang out with my friends, and cook. I've met some of the most wonderful people in the San Marvelous/Austin area, and I plan on sticking around for a while after I graduate.
I hope to learn a lot from this class, because I've seen how important it is in today's world to have web design skills. I've been meaning to learn HTML for years, I just never got around to it. Now is my chance!


Hi everyone, my name is James Cisneros and I'm a public relations major and business minor. I'm a senior and will graduate this May. I was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas and transferred to Texas State in 2008.

I'm a member of GrammyU, PRSSA and the Social Media Club here at Texas State. I also worked for KTSW 89.9 on the promotions team for some time.

I plan to go to graduate school, but I might work for a few years before I do. I love music and would like to work with musicians as a career. In my spare time I play guitar and drums, as well as make music on my laptop.

I can't wait to learn a lot in this class. It should be an informative and interesting semester.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello Everyone! My name is Dina. I was born in Lebanon, raised in Austin. I'm not exactly sure what year I am, but I got used to saying I'm a junior, so junior it is. I am an Advertising major, Psychology minor. I'd love to one day work for GSD&M Idea City here in Austin or Chicago.
I have a Twitter, but I don't use it. I have a blog, but I have not used that in a while. The two are connected some how, I just don't remember how I did that. I'm guessing with this class I will be able to figure it out and tweet away with the rest of my fellow tweeters. and
When I am not in school or studying, I am usually home. I volunteer with a lot of non-profit organizations because it is something I love to do. I have volunteered with the Susan G. Komen organization, Austin Smiles, Water to Thrive, Texas Youth Hotline, and the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas.
I love to read, go listen to live music, football, Dexter, and movies. I'm a quirky, sarcastic person. I will be working SXSW this Spring Break and I am ecstatic. Really looking forward to this semester with the rest of you lovely ladies!


My name is Lisa Nay and I am a Public Relations major, business minor. I was born in Wilmington, North Carolina and moved to the small town of Lumberton, TX when I was 14. It was a major culture shock at first, but now I LOVE living in Texas. My parents recently moved to Georgia, making the the only person from my family living in the Lone Star State.

I am a cheerleader on the all-women team here at Texas State, and I love it! I have such a passion for this university, I love being involved - especially with the athletic department because I am a sports guru!

And just to close out with an exciting bit of information, I just became an Aunt YESTERDAY! My older brother and sister-in-law had their first daughter, Cambell on 1/22/11!

I am really excited for how much we are going to learn in this class!

Intro:Here we go.


My name is Sascha. I am a senior at Texas State, and I'm thrilled to be taking a web design class. I am going to apologize in advance; I wake up around 5:00am for classes, so I may be groggy during the first couple of weeks this semester. My life currently consists of working, going to school, drinking coffee, listening to music on my way home from San Marcos and watching shows. Yes, my life is pretty boring these days, but at least I'll be done with school soon, and hopefully this sedentary lifestyle will soon change. I just registered my Twitter account... and I don't know how I feel about this. I am/was one of people who are/were adamant about having a twitter; but now I'm following Kanye, and I have a feeling that my life is going to change. Let's just thank god that Karen O. does not have a twitter. I'm excited about this semester and working with intelligent individuals in our web design class.I hope everyone does well this semester and a good week.


Hi! I'm Jessica and i'm a public relations major and business minor about to graduate in May. I transferred to Texas State last year after going to Texas Tech for two years. It took me a while to realize there's nothing in Lubbock and it's too far from home which is San Antonio. I love Texas State and am very happy with my move. When i'm not at school i'm usually working at HEB. I'm also an intern for the United Way of Hays County. I do PR and event planning and I love it! We successfully planned a campaign kickoff event that took place this past August and we are currently planning a celebrity classic golf tournament to take place in May. Prior to interning with the UWHC, I interned for the San Antonio Spurs. It was an amazing experience, however it helped me realize that I didn't want to do PR in the sports industry. Perhaps that would have changed had I interned with them this season since they seem to be winning more this year... :D

I love reading and watching movies. I would describe myself as a beach girl currently landlocked and the first thing on my to-do list post graduation is move to a beach as soon as possible :)



My name is Danielle, but I go by Dani. I was born in Virginia, raised in Austin.
I am at the end of my junior year....or maybe at the beginning of my senior, not exactly sure... PR major, psychology minor.
I love music and I'd love to have a career in the music business (which is vague, i know, but i'm working on narrowing it down). I am an intern at The Recording Academy's Texas Chapter located on South Congress in Austin and I'm totally going to take this opportunity to plug GrammyU, a part of The Recording Academy that prepares college students to enter the music industry through networking, educational programs, and performance opportunities. I remember a lot of y'all are interested in getting into the music business...check out
Apart from school and work, I love to travel, wakeskate, snowboard and I usually have some sort of art&craft project going on. At the moment, I have a wine cork board in progress...if you're a wine drinker I would appreciate any contributions. Thanks!


Hi! I'm Sarah Carter and I am a public relations major, business administration minor.
I love fashion and want to go into fashion PR.

I was born in England, lived there for a year and then to San Angelo, Texas. My family and i stayed there for six years and moved on to Goldsboro, North Carolina. Living in Goldsboro made me realize my love of the east coast. We stayed there for two and a half years and moved to San Antonio, Texas where I have been ever since.

I now want to find myself back on the east coast working in New York in fashion PR. I started loving fashion when I saw "Sex and the City: The Movie". I've never seen clothes worn that way and thought it was awesome!!! I became obsessed with the stylist of the show, Patricia Field who is also a designer, and hope to work for her one day.

Among other things, I love to work out. My new "soulmate" workout is "Turbo Fire". If anyone is looking to shed some pounds for the summer, I advise you to do this workout.

Hello Fellow Web Designers!

I'm Sonia Onescu and I'm 24 years old...turning 25 in April and looking forward to it! I'm a senior at Texas State studying Electronic Media and graduating in December.

I believe this year will be an exciting year for me! I'm looking forward to doing an internship this summer, not really sure where yet but I've got some options in mind. I love photography and started a photography blog during my winter break. I'm also currently working at San Marcos' KTSW 89.9, the radio station run by Texas State students. Here I work on 3 staffs: News, Production and Promotions. Although it's a lot of work and outside dedication, I love every minute of it. I also co-host a show on Tuesdays from 4-6 so call in and request a song!

On my spare time I love love love being outside. I'm an avid swimmer and disc golf player. I also love picking up new hobbies. Right now I'm really into making jewelry; specifically earrings. After I graudate I want to live somewhere in Europe, right now it's between Barcelona, Berlin, or Amsterdam. I know I maybe shooting for the moon but the way I see it you've only got one life to live and I'm going to live it to the fullest. Eventually I want to start my own production company and make documentaries about issues that matter.


I am not a blogger so I don't really know how to start a post but I'll start with hello!

My name is Lauren Berger and I am a Public Relations major with a Sociology minor. I was born and raised in McAllen, Texas. Most people don't know where that is, but it's in the Rio Grande Valley (very tip of Texas). I was always interested in media relations and journalism and was one of the editors of my high school's yearbook.

At Texas State I am involved in a few organizations including being Vice President of Hillel at Texas State (Jewish Student Organization), Promotions Assistant Director at KTSW and a member of PRSSA.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies and attending shows & concerts in Austin and San Marcos.

I'm excited about beginning this class and learning the ins & outs of designing a web page.


Intro Blog

Hello, bloggers.

My name is Lauren Crawford and I am a Mass Communications major/Anthropology minor here at Texas State. Born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, it's only natural that I grew up with horses and am a huge animal lover. In my spare time, I enjoy walks with my dog at Purgatory Park, seeing live music in Austin, writing stories, eating at Chipotle, and getting lost on bicycle rides. I also love adventures. I spent last summer traveling Europe on a shoestring budget and, this July, I will go on a dig in Belize with the anthropology department to learn about the ancient people of Central America.

This spring, as I enter my final year at Tx State, I'm excited to be enrolled in some classes that I feel will really benefit me as I pursue a career in Public Relations. After working with South By Southwest and EnviroMedia, I learned how important it is for an organization to keep up a website that's easy to navigate and pleasant to look at. I hope that, upon finishing this course, I will have developed some of the skills necessary to create and manage a professional looking website.

Until next time...