Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi! I'm Sarah Carter and I am a public relations major, business administration minor.
I love fashion and want to go into fashion PR.

I was born in England, lived there for a year and then to San Angelo, Texas. My family and i stayed there for six years and moved on to Goldsboro, North Carolina. Living in Goldsboro made me realize my love of the east coast. We stayed there for two and a half years and moved to San Antonio, Texas where I have been ever since.

I now want to find myself back on the east coast working in New York in fashion PR. I started loving fashion when I saw "Sex and the City: The Movie". I've never seen clothes worn that way and thought it was awesome!!! I became obsessed with the stylist of the show, Patricia Field who is also a designer, and hope to work for her one day.

Among other things, I love to work out. My new "soulmate" workout is "Turbo Fire". If anyone is looking to shed some pounds for the summer, I advise you to do this workout.

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