Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flight from Austin to Singapore.

The assignment was to find the lowest airfare from Austin to Singapore. I figured since I always use Google, I would try something different first (i.e. Bing, Yahoo) but neither of these did the job. Sure, they gave me result but once I finally made my way back to normalcy and searched Google for "cheapest flight austin to singapore" they gave me 10 fold what Bing did.

They automatically had a sort of toolbar near the top of the list underneath the sponsored links that gave me about 7 different options right off the bat comparing prices. This was run by Expedia but was different from going to their personal website and trying it with there searches. The cheapest I could find one-way was $916, but round-trip was only $1212 either with United or mix and match airlines.

There is no non stop flight and it lasts roughly 27 hours. 

One of the most shocking things to me about the video was how lax they seemed to be about getting the "package system" of the initial stages of the internet developed. Basically, putting it off on grad students with a strict time line. It made me wonder if I was in their position if I would have just been happy to get it working slightly than perfecting it; whether I would have known the power and potential of what I was working on.

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