Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dress Up San Marcos

Ellen and I have decided not to do "Puntos de Vista 2011" and do the fashion of San Marcos. We will explore the laid back style by going to local boutiques and interviewing the owners and workers. We will also interview students from Texas State University about their own particular style. We will provide pictures of unique style we witness around San Marcos.

Sarah and Ellen

Monday, April 18, 2011

National Press Photographers Association- NPPA Workshop

For our final project, Leigh Morgan and I covered the annual NPPA Advanced Storytelling Workshop that Texas State has the opportunity to host because of the efforts of one of mass communications professor, Dave Nolan.

The Advanced Storytelling Workshop is a great opportunity for students to experience from the best in the journalism field as reporters and video graphers across the country come in to share their expertise. Our goal is to highlight the resources that this workshop provides through video, interviews, participants input and photos.

Although our website features the workshop, the essence of this workshop is in the future of journalism and where exactly that may be headed. Everyone who attends this workshop looks to gain some sort of insight as to where they should be headed in order to keep up with an industry that's notorious for competition.

Through content we hope to communicate our vision effectively.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Final Project- NO KILL

For our final project, Dina and I decided to cover the topic of NO KILL in Austin and surrounding areas. No Kill means that animal shelters and pounds do not euthanize animals. Instead, they provide education and resources for adoption or foster care for animals. For a city to become completely No Kill, they have to have 100% no kill rate for a year. With the help of volunteers and nonprofit organizations, Austin has been no kill city since March! Dina and I spent the weekend at with volunteers to gain knowledge about no kill. Everyone was very helpful and excited that we were covering this topic! We're excited to see the progress of our NO KILL website!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unique Business Innovation in San Marcos

Tanner and I will be covering how new businesses in San Marcos become established and how old businesses stay innovative. We will be covering a bar, music venue, food vendor, tubing business, restaurant and winery.

Raven Roth and Tanner Castleschouldt

Monday, April 11, 2011

Final project topic

By Dani and James
Our website will cover news about homeless people in Austin. We will feature testimonials from the homeless at the Arch, panhandlers and others on the streets of downtown Austin. We will combine statistics, facts and interviews for our content. We plan on collecting multiple points of views (homeless and volunteers). A resource page for those seeking help and those looking to help is an example of one of our pages.

Spotlight on Austin Town Lake

Trisha and I decided to do our final project on all of the activities that Austin Town Lake provides. We chose this topic because there are many attractions to cover. We will explore all of these activities on our website including the refreshments provided, the bats that fly at night, the runners, the kayaking, and any other thing we find. We would also cover Austin town lake staples that have made it what it is today. - Karli and Trisha

MR Fest

Lauren and I both have worked many semesters on the promotions staff at KTSW 89.9FM and are familiar with their annual free music festival, MR Fest. After brainstorming some ideas, we decided to do our final project on this music festival in downtown San Marcos which will take place on April 29-30. Our sections will include the line-up, band reviews, "road to MR Fest", history of MR Fest and a sponsor page. We are excited to bring attention to this amazing festival happening in the heart of our city.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Puntos de Vista 2011"

Recently, Ellen and I just finished a public relations campaign for the event "Puntos de Vista 2011". This was an international Spanish language documentary festival hosted by The Center for the Study of Latino Media and Markets, a division of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Students from Latin American countries come to Texas State University to present their documentaries about their point of view on their society. Spending time with these students made me appreciate their culture and the importance of diversity. The way I view things can be completely different from another person's point of view. The documentaries that were exhibited were amazing and I couldn't believe that they were just college students. Ellen and I have interviewed students that attended "Puntos de Vista 2011" and got a lot of great feedback. We will do our project on this or the fact that Texas State just became a Hispanic serving instute.

Final Project

Lisa I discussed possible topics for our project today. A few ideas we came up with were transfer students, athletics at Texas State and freshman at Texas State. We figured transfer students would be an interesting topic to cover and we have numerous people we can interview. With Texas State athletics we thought we could narrow it down to one sport, like football and look beyond the field. We want to show people more than just the game and workouts. Another idea we brainstormed was about freshman at Texas State. We figured we could interview freshman on campus and professors who teach freshman course, and find out their perspective Texas State and how the transition to college has affected them.

Update: We have decided to make our website about different margaritas in San Marcos. We will write about why the locals love margaritas so much. We are going to review the 3 hottest stops in San Marcos to have margaritas and a page that contains peoples testimonials. Hope it works out, Cheers!

Tina and Lisa

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Love

What is one theme that is common to all human beings without  any discrimination?


Where our ancestors came from, the color of our skin, and the amount of money in our bank accounts may differ; but the universal need and love for food is unbiased. Our project is going to be centered on the universal love for food. We will interview chefs from different ethnicities and shine light on their personal story that has made them come to love food.

Jessica & Jacqueline

A look at San Marcos

Bianca Davis and Ian Rhoads

Our project will be taking a look at different aspects of San Marcos. We will look at campus life, nightlife (such as The Square and Cheatham Street), environmental recreation (like the river and Aquarena), icons (such as Dancing Todd and Frisbee Dan), and local business. The purpose of this project is for people who are interested in coming to San Marcos to be able to get a glimpse of what the city has to offer as well as for those who attended school here to have something to show others what San Marcos is really like. We will use photo slideshows as well as character-driven narratives to tell the story of the city through the eyes of those who live here.