Sunday, April 10, 2011

Final Project

Lisa I discussed possible topics for our project today. A few ideas we came up with were transfer students, athletics at Texas State and freshman at Texas State. We figured transfer students would be an interesting topic to cover and we have numerous people we can interview. With Texas State athletics we thought we could narrow it down to one sport, like football and look beyond the field. We want to show people more than just the game and workouts. Another idea we brainstormed was about freshman at Texas State. We figured we could interview freshman on campus and professors who teach freshman course, and find out their perspective Texas State and how the transition to college has affected them.

Update: We have decided to make our website about different margaritas in San Marcos. We will write about why the locals love margaritas so much. We are going to review the 3 hottest stops in San Marcos to have margaritas and a page that contains peoples testimonials. Hope it works out, Cheers!

Tina and Lisa

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