Monday, August 6, 2012

Final Project Idea!

My final project is going to be over the San Marcos Farmers Market. I'm interested in getting the story behind the people that are involved in the market and talking about their product/produce. I went to the market on Saturday and got some interviews and pictures!

Fresh peaches! 

Kruse Folk Art and Kruse Art

Final project

I'm going to do my final project on the issues with littering. I'm going to focus on littering in the San Marcos river. I volunteered for a river clean up project last semester and it made me realize how many people don't respect the river. I enjoy kayaking and am bothered when people throw trash into the river.

San Marcos is beautiful and the river is beautiful. If people continue throwing trash wherever they please, the beauty won't last for long.

Final Project Idea

For my final project I am going to visit the San Marcos Nature Center and learn what it has to offer as many people do not know it exists. I want to look around the facility and get background info on the center, what it offers to our community and what it has for future plans.
Hopefully this will spark curiosity to people currently living in San Marcos or to those who are visiting San Marcos to have a stop and look around at our local wildlife and plants.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Final Project- Healthy Students

As a health professional, I decided to focus my final project on something which could contribute to my field. As students, we are in a unique position where we may also be working jobs, raising families, or just trying to live on our own for the first time. It's difficult to maintain a consistent schedule, and often also then difficult to remain healthy and composed. This site will focus on a few people who are students at Texas State, as well as some others, and discuss how they each maintain their health in the mental physical and nutritional aspects.This site will not be, though they may be a resource. This is a more comprehensive look at health for students in all stages of their academic careers.

Idea - final project

For my final project, I want to talk about Autism. Mi dea is to cover how families adapt to this dissorder when they have a kid with this condition. I will cover issues like their everyday challenges, biligualism, information available and therapy.  I'll be working with a specific case.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Final Project

Since I'm huge fan of radio, a former Clear Channel employee, now involved with KTSW here on campus AND aware that finding a job in radio is virtually impossible in the working world, I want to do a piece on aspiring DJ's. Given that the majority of people in radio want to be personalities, I'm interested in the motivation of wanna-be dj's. Why do they love radio, who are their inspirations and why do they pursue a career that is limited, shady and dwindling? That's the goal at this point. I'm sure this will mold into something more substantial.

As always, I will incorporate my hero in this post. A shot of Stern in the studio during his college days!

Final Project- Hispanic: San Marcos Culture

As we all saw today, the example of was a website that described Texas State University being a service to Hispanics. Yesterday I came up with the idea of doing my story on the "San Marcos Mexican." Of course, I will not use that title for possible ethical reasons. Anyhow, I want to cover the Hispanic culture and population in San Marcos. Including demographics, culture, etc. and also see if people experience any cultural barriers between local Hispanics and the large population of college students.  Here's a photo of Hays County, which is where I believe the majority of San Marcos falls into.

Olympic Shenanigans

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson Break-up

2012 Olympics

Olympics 2012 Partners and Supporters

Final Project: Hay County Political Groups

My final project will cover the local politics and government scene. The Hays County Democrats and Organizing for America are always looking for more volunteers and hosting fundraisers on behalf of democrats, both local and nationwide. I'll take a look at those behind the scenes, what goes into organizing the groups and events, and what leads them to put in all the effort. There is also an event this weekend that should be attended by a few candidates, so I'll be looking to interview them as well.

North Korea in the Olympics

Final Project: Waiting Your Way Through College

Waiting tables is a very common job for college students. Late nights, excessive $1 bills, and grumpy customers are just a part of the gig. I think it would be interesting to hear about the difficulties and the benefits of being a waiter from college students who do/have done it for a living. I would also like to get a managers perspective, possibly a manager who waited tables as a student and worked his or her way up.
 I plan on interviewing several subjects - male, female, white, black, hispanic, etc. - who are currently in school and waiting tables.
I also plan on interviewing a couple of former waiters and asking, in retrospect, if waiting tables was beneficial to their future.
I will also interview at least one manager - to get their story, and to get a comparison of college student waiters to non-student waiters.

Living in a Foreign Country

Travelling abroad sounds like fun to most of us. However, once you end up in a foreign country for good, it may be the end of fun and a beginning of a slow and somtimes painful process of adjusting and assimilating into a different culture at the often expense of sacrificing your own.
I am planning on interviewing some people from Central Europe (first generation), who permanently live in Austin. I will focus on people from small countries, like Czechs and Slovaks, who do not have big communities around Austin, but culturally are an important part of Texas history.
I may be able to interview someone from the second generation, but I am not sure yet if they will be willing to participate. I would like to focus on topics like:
  •  keeping up with their own culture
  • living with a foreign accents
  • maintainig the knowledge of their mother tongue

Final Project

My topic is the campus ministries such as Chi Alpha. There are several campus ministries which are not only national organizations but also local ones. They do missionary work and various activities inside and outside of campus, and they also focus on supporting the international students in the campus. Especially, in Texas State University, campus ministries are offering many supports to international students. Many international students of Texas State University get help from them regardless their religions. I would like to interview some people of campus ministries about these topics. In addition, I will search about their previous activities, difficulties in doing their job, and plans for following future. The sub-topic of my final project would be history of campus ministries in Texas State University, activities outside and inside of campus, supporting international students, and connection with national organizations.

Final Project: San Marcos food trailers

For my final project I would like to create a web page centered around the food trailer industry, how to get started in this business, the vast and original types of foods created, and the history of the two standing food trailer parks in San Marcos, TX. I'd like to interview vendors, investors and customers and primarily focus on these small but flourishing businesses in San Marcos. I'll ask about future plans for the businesses, how they handle each others competition, what these companies do to stay afloat (promotional offers, activities, special events) and touch on any upcoming events if possible.

I'd like the idea of this page to be a complete informational page on the food trailer industry but focused from Mimi's Trailer Park and The Hitch's Mobile Eatery perspective. This page can also be very useful for potential vendors.

2012 Olympic Milestones and Firsts

London 2012: Badminton

Final Project

For my final project I want to interview the producer for the Bobby Bones Show, Alayna Messer.  I think it would be cool to film what she does around the studio.  People who aren't familiar with the way radio works wouldn't know the magnitude of her job, she really keeps the whole show together.  I think it would be a good way to educate people, plus give them an inside peak of the show.  As far as my video goes, I'd like to just capture what the day to day tasks are of being a producer for a highly successful morning show.  I'm real excited for this and can't wait to see what everyone else is thinking of doing!  Good luck!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


My Final Project Idea

The idea I am developing for my final project is to do a feature on the University of Texas at Austin Department of Computer Science Virtual Reality (VR) Lab.  In other words, show different perspectives of one of the many labs at UT Austin that does really incredible things in computer science research.  The lab is known for its specialized research in computer vision as an aspect of virtual reality

A number of the students in the VR Lab are doctorate students working on cutting edge research using extremely high-dollar technology equipment.  This is not the kind of tech equipment you'll find on the shelf at Best Buy... However, it is pretty amazing when you see it and notice it resembles a video game or something from an arcade, yet some of it costs as much as a small house! 

I would like to do interviews with one or two of the professors who direct the lab, and hopefully interview some of the PhD students.  I would like to present an overall perspective of the VR Lab that an everyday "layperson" would understand, including information about their research equipment and photos, interviews with the professors and what they most want the public to know about their research.  I may also include information about the various places these doctorate students have presented their research in the U.S.A. and around the world.  I have met a number of the students in this lab personally and I am amazed at the research they are conducting. 

Controversial Competitions

Empty Seats st the 2012 Olympics

Misty and Kerri

The Fab Five

For my storify, I wanted to create one over the U.S.'s Women's Olympic team because of all the news coverage and fan support they have been seeing. Hope you enjoy it!