Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Final Project Idea

The idea I am developing for my final project is to do a feature on the University of Texas at Austin Department of Computer Science Virtual Reality (VR) Lab.  In other words, show different perspectives of one of the many labs at UT Austin that does really incredible things in computer science research.  The lab is known for its specialized research in computer vision as an aspect of virtual reality

A number of the students in the VR Lab are doctorate students working on cutting edge research using extremely high-dollar technology equipment.  This is not the kind of tech equipment you'll find on the shelf at Best Buy... However, it is pretty amazing when you see it and notice it resembles a video game or something from an arcade, yet some of it costs as much as a small house! 

I would like to do interviews with one or two of the professors who direct the lab, and hopefully interview some of the PhD students.  I would like to present an overall perspective of the VR Lab that an everyday "layperson" would understand, including information about their research equipment and photos, interviews with the professors and what they most want the public to know about their research.  I may also include information about the various places these doctorate students have presented their research in the U.S.A. and around the world.  I have met a number of the students in this lab personally and I am amazed at the research they are conducting. 

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