Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Final Project... one more time.

Natalie and I have changed our topic. We have decided to do a site about Gruene. If anyone has ever eaten at The Gristmill, then you know to where we are referring. The Gruene Historic District is in New Braunfels and has a lot to offer in regards to food, music, shopping, and wonderful scenery. We plan on interviewing people in the area and doing some extra research to thoroughly report on some different aspects that make this location so great.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

San Marcos Style

Katie and I are doing our final project on the most popular attractions in San Marcos. Particularly interviewing students on where they like to spend their time and money. We're focusing on revealing the fruits of San Marcos to someone looking to explore the town. Initially, we thought of Rachel Ray's "$40 a Day," a chronicle of eating around town. We've sort of expanded that idea and want to include activities, music, nightlife and the crazies around town.

final project

We are trying to target the most popular attractions in San Marcos by using interviews, pictures, and information on the different topics.

Monday, August 9, 2010

"Trekking the Hill"

David Keller and I will be doing our final project on the active lifestyle of Texas State students. We figured we'd do a number of interviews, such as one student at the rec center, one person on the intramural fields or at Sewell park, and maybe one grounds keeper, and one average student. We ask questions about their physical activity and routine in a typical week, and then make the point that even just the average student gets exercise from their walk to and from class and from walking "the Hill."

Final Project

Natalie and I will be doing our project over leisure time in San Marcos. We thought the river would be a good idea, but have decided to expand our topic a bit so we can have more flexibility with content, etc. We will include such activities as the river, night life in San Marcos, and the Outlets. We already have some ideas for interviews and are ready to get started.

Eat, Pray & Soccer

Katy Gentry and I decided to do our final project about a group of high school students (included my 15-year old twins) who went on a mission trip to El Salvador this summer. Our website will include information about their trip with video after the fact and a photo show featuring the time they were actually in the country. Other pages will focus on the country itself and what others can do to help the country. We have completed three interviews and are excited about the project.