Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 3 Topic

Travis Green
My topic for project 3 is a young Austin musician who plays on 6th street almost nightly, just recorded his first demo and is trying to get his foot in the door of the local music scene. Travis Green is an Austin-native who grew up on the blues. He is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who will play 6 nights a week in front of an audience that doesn't pay, just to be heard. As a music lover I think it is important to support the artists who bring us music. With this website I hope I can help bring Travis business to keep food on his plate and music in our ears.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SXSW Panels

The Art of Immersion: Tron
This panel will discuss modern film making and the effect of new technology on traditional storytelling. They will use the movie Tron: Legacy as the main example, examining Disney's revolutionary multimedia approach to creating a sequel to the 1982 hit movie , Tron.

Accessibility for the Visually Impaired: Groundbreaking New Technologies
This panel will discuss new technologies that will make media, specifically computers and the internet, more accessible to the visually impaired. They will explain new ideas including an audible browser that is both affordable and viable for use on most computers.

All These Worlds Are Yours: Visualizing Space Data
This panel will discuss the educational and recreational uses for a new computer program that uses NASA media, including streaming video and images, to take viewers on a virtual tour of space. There are also plans to use the streaming video to allow viewers to have a "ride along" with astronauts as they complete their missions.

Monday, February 14, 2011

SXSW Interactive Panels

The Connected Car: Driving Technology
The auto industry is developing new technology through Bluetooth to stay connected on the internet while driving. This development will help users stay connected to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, video conferences and social interactions.

SXSW Interactive: Where I'll End Up.

Social Media & Comedy
One of the most important aspects of using social media for me is that it can be used as an outlet to express myself in a comedic manner. Most of the time, I wished that people used Facebook and Twitter with a little less seriousness and a little more lax attitude towards the social media device. By attending this interactive panel, I could find ways to work this into my career and help build on both my web design and my comedic skills. 
Sports & Music: Perfect Harmony
As you might have noticed in this years super bowl, two huge artists formed an alliance with their respective teams. Lil Wayne with Green Bay and Wiz Khalifa with the Steelers, (Green and Yellow, Black and Yellow). By integrating these two, we create a place for both to thrive and feed off of one another. There is a huge marketplace for these to work together, both in broadcasting as well as merchandising and advertising. 
Death of the Textbook, Emergence of Games
When I read about this I immediately became intrigued. I have always felt that one of the best ways for me to learn new material is through interactive material whether online or in the classroom. Though, by far, I can see the use of gaming in order to help teach and expand on knowledge of the topic. Nothing helps teach better than getting the student involved.


Steady Diet of Nothing: The Road to Health
I think this panel looks interesting. It talks about musicians on tour and their lack of sleep, excessive alcohol drinking and no time to work out. This sounds very similar to most college kids. It says they are going to talk about natural remedies and ways to modify bad habits.

The Ultimate Backup - Keeping Media Alive
I was interested in this panel because it is about storing films in archives. I watched an episode of Modern Marvels and it showed these underground caves that Hollywood stores old film reels in because it is virtually impossible for the reels to be destroyed in this cave. While I was watching it, I was actually thinking about how they store films today with all the digital and computer technology. This panel is going to discuss that topic.

Why PR's Future May Not Look Like PR
As a PR major, I am of course interested in a discussion on the topic. This panel is going to talk about how PR is changing with online social networks and why the growing online interaction allows people to do their own PR rather than call in an expert.

SXSW -2011

Sex it up!
Did that title catch your attention? Most people are appealed to topics that deal with sex, violence or anything else that is considered taboo or uncomfortable discussing. apparently this panel defines what the possible difference is between art and pornography. Maybe another door to how this industry is viewed. This event will be held at the Austin Convention Center, March 14 at 5p.m.

Makers of Geek Documentaries: A Nerds' Life
So there is a panel focused on the traits and lifestyle on living a geeky life! Pretty interesting that they use a foundation of geeks and nerds by making documentaries on this genre or people that are considered geeks and somehow manage to make a film that can appeal to an entire audience. I think using a sense of humor while producing these films is essential to prevent offending anyone. Event held on March 12 at 12:30p.m.

TV's Smarter Alter Ego: Entertainment's Digital Future

This panel seems worth attending..what is in store for the future of TV and digital entertainment? I wonder how much can the digital world grow and expand while TV stays at the same level, will everything somehow be connected to the internet and social media? This panel will be held at the Austin Convention Center on May 12 at 11 a.m.

By Trisha Lynn Craddock

SXSW 2011

I worked for and attended SXSW last year and got the experience to sit in at a lot of panels. I found the film panels hosted by movie directors to be the most entertaining. However, if I were choosing three, I would definitely have to choose one from each category: Film, Music, and Interactive.

For Film, I think the Go Green: Save Green panel by Larry Engel sounds good. I am very interested in the "green-washing" that goes on today by marketers. I would like to hear about what filmmakers are doing today to "green" their products and increase sustainability and what is myth.

For Music, I think the Jason Feinberg panel Socially Awkward: The Art of Socially Media sounds interesting. I would love to promote music and labels as a career and this panel will provide instructions on how to transform fans from listeners to life-long followers.

For Interactive, I would love to attend Can the Internet Make Us Happy? by Kevin Hansen. This panel will look at how the internet and social networking actually impacts how we feel. In all my classes this semester, we have taken time to talk about social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter but have never discussed it from this angle. I am curious to learn about what research says regarding social media and how it impacts our moods.

And of course we would all be beyond thrilled to attend all the keynotes, trade shows, screenings, concerts and parties!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SXSW Panels

Call me uninformed, but I had no clue SXSW had so many panels and talks! There are so many, and a lot of them look interesting. One that caught my attention right away was Measuring Social Media- Let's Get Serious. It really seems hard to measure just how much of an effect social media has on a company. I think it would be advantageous to know what to pay attention to when maintaining social media pages and what really doesn't matter.
Another one that looks interesting is The Mainstreaming of Geek Culture. This talk spotlights on how nerdiness is now cool, which it is. What are nerds to do now? What kinds of effects does this have on gamer culture? With everything that's in style now-a-days from fake thick black glasses for people who don't even wear glasses to musicians dressed like nerds, nerds are in style. I want to learn about it! Lord knows I'm happy to let my geek flag fly!
While were on the subject of geeks, I also see a panel on here called The Sexual Survival Guide for Geeks, and can't help but crack up. This panel covers everything from 'the Do's and Don'ts of picking up on geeks', to 'how to have a one-nighter and feel happy saying hi in the halls the next day'... what? While these are definitely good skills to have, I'm surprised they have a whole panel over this! It even includes a handout of recommendations for a Geek Sexual Survival Kit, how interesting. I may have to check out some of these panels, that's for sure!

SXSW Panels

It was tough coming up with just three panels that I would attend during South By Southwest in Austin this year. Since social media is my interest at the moment, I decided to pick panels that dealt with that.

The first panel that I found interesting was "#Hashtag Takeovers and Successes in Innovative Virtual Activism". This panel discusses the
ways that using interactive tactics in social media to pursue a kind of social change. The idea that millions of people who don't have any personal connection to each other can bond together to push an idea or thought is pretty cool. It gives the example of PETA using a hastag that NASA was using during one of their conventions to try and spread the word about NASA's animal testing, which PETA successfully accomplished.

Another panel event that caught my eye was "I'm So Productive, I Never Get Anything Done." The speakers will be addressing the question of whether the Internet is a productivity tool or just something that wastes time and energy. I personally have gotten both responses from personal experience, which makes me interested in wanting to know what the speakers have to say.

The last panel that I would attend if I was going to SXSW would be "
Profiting from Technology: Online, Offline and On Tour." Since I work on the Promotions staff of KTSW, I know first hand the importance of being online and connecting with your listeners/followers. This panel discusses new technologies of the music industry on and off the road. There will be tactics of making money online (while traveling) and more for people in the social media industry of music.

SXSW yeehaww!

How to Personalize Without Being Creepy

Design / Development

Monday, March 14, 9:30 AM. "Creep" is the new buzzword. Everybody is creeping all the time. Facebook and social networking sites make creeping and following easier. This seminar focuses on how to personalize without making people feel violated, and how to engage clients through personalization. The session will include guest speakers Hugo Liu, Chief Scientist, Hunch; Jennifer King, PhD Candidate University of California-Berklee; Matt Harris, CEO, BizGreetInc; Noah Weiss, Product Manger, FourSquare; and Vijay Ravindran, The Washington Post.

Bizgreet WEBSITE

My Comment:

I guess this could be useful information, nobody wants to be called a creep.

Jewish Synergy: Social Media and the New


Friday, March 11., 3:30 PM. This presentation explores the use of new media to expand the Jewish Community. Presenter Chaviva Galatz; Social Media Consultant, , will The session will address bridging the gap between tradition and the 21st century. The use of social media and networking over the internet can build an intricate online Jewish community. The session will also discuss how to convince reluctant groups and individuals to utilize social media. The presentation focuses on the synergy between Jewish communities domestic and abroad, organizations, synagogues and schools.

My Comment: connecting all Jews in the world since 2012, except on Saturdays.

Hispanic Marketing After the 2010 Census

Latin America

Post 2000, companies began paying more attention to advertising to hispanic audiences, who at the time held $500 billion in buying power that is steadily increasing. The session will explore regional marketing, and the differences between different latin populations. Guest speakers will include: Jerry Rocha, VP Media Solutions, The Neilson Company, Kety Esquivel, Latinos in Social Media; Reynaldo Padua, Coca Cola and Robert Ruiz, Univision. The panel will address how the current trends for targeting latinos might be misguided due to lack of understanding of the culture, beliefs, fundamental priorities and buying habits. Hispanics adopt newer technologies more rapidly than the general populations, but the population is segmented between online and mobile. The session will delve into specific demographic markets, targeting to specific subcultures.

SXSW events

One panel that I thing would be interesting would be "The Art of Enchantment". This event teaches people who have great inventions or business ideas but don't have money how to use social media to market their business. I think this would be interesting because it's amazing how people have already made their business successful just by using social media.

Another panel that I find interesting is "Apps vs. Mobile Web". This event will show companies the pros and cons of apps and mobile web. It will also show how companies they can use both mediums to reach consumers and which one is more cost effective. The event will also show how companies can save money while trying to market their product to consumers.

"The Accidental Writing" teaches people who have created a website how to write an effective webcopy. I thought this one would be interesting because we just made our own websites.


Here we go.

Less than a month away and SXSW will be knocking at my door. This year I'm really excited because I have a pretty good chance of getting a press pass for the Interactive session as I've requested to do some SXSW feature stories for KTSW...cross your fingers!

For now, it's hard to pick just three panels. In all fairness, all of the discussion topics are interesting and approach their specific audience in creative ways.

However, I do admit that for a tech amateur like myself, many of the topics are harder to soak up then others. But with so many options to choose from I was able to find some panels that stood out more than others.

The first one that really caught my eye was ironically at the top of the list: The 100 Thing Challenge. I like this panel because it approaches an idea/challenge that seems feasible; it consists of helping all of us explore our own personal spending habits. The concept behind this panel is to analyze what you NEED to spend and what you WANT to spend. This panel is current, relevant, and fits appropriately at a time when everyone is spending just to spend. Right now, I'm at a point where I'm looking to spend less and challenge myself so for me, this is a great "life lesson" type panel.

As an Electronic Media major with a background in News Reporting, the discussion panel, begging the question of: "Will News Apps Re-invent Journalism?" hits close to home. As a frequent "Twitterer", I've been asking myself the same question. I, like many, utilize my news from news sources that I follow on Twitter and frankly, Twitter itself. By providing a timeliness that's never been seen before, news apps have re-invented Journalism in such a positive way. Not only do we get our news at an incredibly quicker rate, now all of us with our fancy smart phones, have become journalists. I'm intrigued as to where the discussion would unfold at this panel.

Finally,as a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, being that I somewhat consider myself an entrepreneur, (part-time nanny for 10 years now) I like the idea of setting my own work schedule, making the money that I want and choosing the people I want to work with. The whole idea behind being a successful entrepreneur is making sure it works for you. That's why the Ditch the Book: Running a Business Your Way panel strikes a cord for me. For me, the idea of having a business degree or following guidelines out of a how-to book is a thing of the past. It's about your ideas, your network and using your noggin' effectively. I strive to be an entrepreneur so this panel seemed suiting for me.

With that in mind, let's hope I actually get to see some of these panels!


#FAIL: Infamous Social Media PR Disasters:
Marla Erwin will talk about some of the more famous PR distaters. During my intro to PR class, we learned about some famous PR disasters, and some of them end up being pretty funny, so I found this one very interesting. The presentation will help you to learn how to avoid these costly mistakes.

Landing your next job through unconventional personal branding:
During a PRSSA meeting, we had lecture on personal branding that I found very helpful. This presentation is to help you learn techniques to go above and beyond using current trends to help gain an edge in the job market. Because the economy is so bad right now, and jobs are hard to come by, I think this would be very useful and interesting.

Social Media and the NBA: Where it's @
I am a sports finatic, so this one caught my eye. I follow numerous professional basketball players on Twitter, so I was curious to see what this would be about. Tariq Ahmad discusses NBA fans and how they are using Social Media to keep up with their favorite teams. It also suggests how sports fans and sports teams can take better advantage and use social media to better communicate through the sports world.

Friday, February 11, 2011

SXSW Interactive 2011

Expressing Yourself Musically with Mobile Technology - I've been fascinated lately with all of the different mobile apps that pertain to music and music creation. Some apps allow you to auto-tune your voice like your favorite hip-hop star, some let you create your own drum beats or synth parts and then upload them. This panel seems interesting because it will discuss how advances in mobile technology have opened up a "new world of expression" that enables people to create and share their own music around the world. The presenter at this panel will be Ge Wang, Co-founder of CTO and associate professor at Stanford.

Tweeting On Weekends: Are We Becoming Socially Anti-Social? - Almost everywhere I look I see people on their mobile devices tweeting or using Facebook at real-life social events. This panel will discuss the "anti-social path" that we might be headed towards, as well as how we can fight back to "reclaim [our] humanity." Presenters at this panel will be Mark DiMassimo, CEO & COO of Digo Brands; Robin Raskin, journalist; and Rohit Bhargava, EVP Strategy & Planning at Ogilvy.

Why PR's Future May Not Look Like PR - Since I'm majoring in PR, this panel seems the most interesting to me. This panel will discuss how PR is changing with social media tools and advances in networks, as well as the future of PR. David Armano of Edelman will be presenting.

SXSW Interactive 2011 :)

From the iPhone to the BlackBerry: Tweeting On Weekends: Are We Becoming Socially Anti-Social?-
As technology growth soars around us, we are sucked in and do not want to get out. Everywhere you look nowadays, there is someone walking around with a gadget that connects them to the outside world. The only problem is ignoring what's going on around them. I've been with my sister, a "CrackBerry" owner," many times when I will try and start up a conversation, but she'll be on Facebook or Twitter. It's insane. This event will discuss just that. Are people able to turn off their phones for an hour or two? Or is real-life socializing fading away?

Is tweeting in class engaging or distracting?: Using Twitter to Improve College Student Engagement-
There are days when we are in class either on our phones or witnessing other students on their phone. We all try to avoid texting, tweeting or Facebook-ing while listening to the professor lecture, but it's inevitable. This panel is about bringing together social media and class lectures. Presenter Rey Junco will discuss how professors can use Twitter to their advantage during lecture while helping students improve their grades. What do you think? Can a social network help you learn?

Has your "iSomething" changed the way you live?: Steve Jobs and the Rise of the Techno-Priests-

Steve Jobs is technology's "new Pope." When the iPhone was introduced back in January 2007, I do not think people expected the outcome and demand to be what it was. Today, everywhere you look someone has an iPhone. From Twitter to Facebook to YouTube, this phone has everything you can imagine. If we leave our phones at home, we do freak out. We feel like something is wrong and we cannot communicate with the world. Presenter Shane Kempton will show us that we have become attached at the hip to technology. We reach for our phone or our iPad when they are not around. Kempton is going to present a comedic side-by-side comparison of technology's growth and religious movements throughout history.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interactive - SXSW 2011

Too Small, Too Open: Correcting Wikipedia's Local Failure -
I head to Wikipedia to research every project, and generally consider whatever it says to be golden. But, being a collaboration of facts by people, it's susceptible to human error. This panel focuses on how Wikipedia encompasses worldwide, general knowledge, but limits the ability to collaborate at the local level. Panelists include: Michael Trice, a doctoral candidate at Texas Tech University, currently researching community traditions, localized networks and journalism. Philip Neustrom, co-founder of and also works with non-profits to engage everyday citizens and traditionally underrepresented constituencies. Phoebe Ayers, who has been involved with Wikipedia since 2003 as an editor and community member.

The Accidental Writer: Great Web Copy for Everyone -
I've always considered myself a writer - that's nothing accidental - but writing for the web is a whole other ballpark. This event discusses writing effective web copy, what's good and what's not. I feel that this would be an appropriate event to attend, especially taking this course and venturing to the unchartered waters of web world. The presenter is Melanie Seibert, who has over 10 years of experience writing... just about everything. She also works full-time at a software company and runs her own freelance company.

All Grown-up: Brand Mascots in the Digital Age -
I'm a communication design minor and we're generally told to never create logos that look like the Michelin Man. But if that's who represents your company, you better work it! This panel suggests that a great way to do that is to make your mascot interact with your customers. Companies are giving their mascots a twitter account, a personality and letting them make friends - and it's working. Presenters include: Derek Fridman, the Creative Director at Sapient Nitro, specializing in the conception and execution of cross-channel experiences. Emily Reid is an account director at IQ, with a background in integrated campaign work and focuses on shopper marketing and creating compelling digital consumer experiences.

Leigh Morgan

Awesome SXSW panels

"Death of the Textbook, Emergence of Games"
Death of the textbook? I was in love with the panel at first sight.This panel will discuss the idea of social network games replacing traditional educational media. Topics include but are not limited to:
  • What will they look like?
  • What will the teacher's manuel look like?
  • How will learning be assessed?
  • What will it be like when online learning is available 24/7?
  • Will the education system adapt to the new social media trend
Presenters are Alan Gershenfeld of E-Line Media, James Bower of Numedeon/whyville and Sara DeWitt of PBS.

"Direction of the Touring Industry"
According to Rolling Stone and other sources concert ticket s me sad, so why not do something about it and learn a little from the experts.Panelists will discuss "artists, managers, agents and promoters on the dynamics that include the conglomeration of promoters, venues, record companies and ticketing organizations as well as discussion of the state of independent promoters along with 360 deals, new ticketing and music dis
tribution sources." I wonder how much time they have because that is a lot of information. I hope they have time for it all!

"Packaging the Experience: Attract Audiences to Your Records"
I recently read that vinyl sales have increased
(by no means a large amount, but the fact is exciting to some). This panel will discuss physical albums vs. virtual and what artists can do to get consumers back to CDs and vinyl. For example, how can artists put the experience of their band into one small package? On that note, I read an article on a musician that records every performance and sells it on a flash drive after the show. It is always interesting to see where music is going next...