Friday, February 11, 2011

SXSW Interactive 2011

Expressing Yourself Musically with Mobile Technology - I've been fascinated lately with all of the different mobile apps that pertain to music and music creation. Some apps allow you to auto-tune your voice like your favorite hip-hop star, some let you create your own drum beats or synth parts and then upload them. This panel seems interesting because it will discuss how advances in mobile technology have opened up a "new world of expression" that enables people to create and share their own music around the world. The presenter at this panel will be Ge Wang, Co-founder of CTO and associate professor at Stanford.

Tweeting On Weekends: Are We Becoming Socially Anti-Social? - Almost everywhere I look I see people on their mobile devices tweeting or using Facebook at real-life social events. This panel will discuss the "anti-social path" that we might be headed towards, as well as how we can fight back to "reclaim [our] humanity." Presenters at this panel will be Mark DiMassimo, CEO & COO of Digo Brands; Robin Raskin, journalist; and Rohit Bhargava, EVP Strategy & Planning at Ogilvy.

Why PR's Future May Not Look Like PR - Since I'm majoring in PR, this panel seems the most interesting to me. This panel will discuss how PR is changing with social media tools and advances in networks, as well as the future of PR. David Armano of Edelman will be presenting.

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