Monday, February 14, 2011


Steady Diet of Nothing: The Road to Health
I think this panel looks interesting. It talks about musicians on tour and their lack of sleep, excessive alcohol drinking and no time to work out. This sounds very similar to most college kids. It says they are going to talk about natural remedies and ways to modify bad habits.

The Ultimate Backup - Keeping Media Alive
I was interested in this panel because it is about storing films in archives. I watched an episode of Modern Marvels and it showed these underground caves that Hollywood stores old film reels in because it is virtually impossible for the reels to be destroyed in this cave. While I was watching it, I was actually thinking about how they store films today with all the digital and computer technology. This panel is going to discuss that topic.

Why PR's Future May Not Look Like PR
As a PR major, I am of course interested in a discussion on the topic. This panel is going to talk about how PR is changing with online social networks and why the growing online interaction allows people to do their own PR rather than call in an expert.

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