Sunday, February 13, 2011

SXSW Panels

Call me uninformed, but I had no clue SXSW had so many panels and talks! There are so many, and a lot of them look interesting. One that caught my attention right away was Measuring Social Media- Let's Get Serious. It really seems hard to measure just how much of an effect social media has on a company. I think it would be advantageous to know what to pay attention to when maintaining social media pages and what really doesn't matter.
Another one that looks interesting is The Mainstreaming of Geek Culture. This talk spotlights on how nerdiness is now cool, which it is. What are nerds to do now? What kinds of effects does this have on gamer culture? With everything that's in style now-a-days from fake thick black glasses for people who don't even wear glasses to musicians dressed like nerds, nerds are in style. I want to learn about it! Lord knows I'm happy to let my geek flag fly!
While were on the subject of geeks, I also see a panel on here called The Sexual Survival Guide for Geeks, and can't help but crack up. This panel covers everything from 'the Do's and Don'ts of picking up on geeks', to 'how to have a one-nighter and feel happy saying hi in the halls the next day'... what? While these are definitely good skills to have, I'm surprised they have a whole panel over this! It even includes a handout of recommendations for a Geek Sexual Survival Kit, how interesting. I may have to check out some of these panels, that's for sure!

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