Sunday, February 13, 2011

SXSW yeehaww!

How to Personalize Without Being Creepy

Design / Development

Monday, March 14, 9:30 AM. "Creep" is the new buzzword. Everybody is creeping all the time. Facebook and social networking sites make creeping and following easier. This seminar focuses on how to personalize without making people feel violated, and how to engage clients through personalization. The session will include guest speakers Hugo Liu, Chief Scientist, Hunch; Jennifer King, PhD Candidate University of California-Berklee; Matt Harris, CEO, BizGreetInc; Noah Weiss, Product Manger, FourSquare; and Vijay Ravindran, The Washington Post.

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I guess this could be useful information, nobody wants to be called a creep.

Jewish Synergy: Social Media and the New


Friday, March 11., 3:30 PM. This presentation explores the use of new media to expand the Jewish Community. Presenter Chaviva Galatz; Social Media Consultant, , will The session will address bridging the gap between tradition and the 21st century. The use of social media and networking over the internet can build an intricate online Jewish community. The session will also discuss how to convince reluctant groups and individuals to utilize social media. The presentation focuses on the synergy between Jewish communities domestic and abroad, organizations, synagogues and schools.

My Comment: connecting all Jews in the world since 2012, except on Saturdays.

Hispanic Marketing After the 2010 Census

Latin America

Post 2000, companies began paying more attention to advertising to hispanic audiences, who at the time held $500 billion in buying power that is steadily increasing. The session will explore regional marketing, and the differences between different latin populations. Guest speakers will include: Jerry Rocha, VP Media Solutions, The Neilson Company, Kety Esquivel, Latinos in Social Media; Reynaldo Padua, Coca Cola and Robert Ruiz, Univision. The panel will address how the current trends for targeting latinos might be misguided due to lack of understanding of the culture, beliefs, fundamental priorities and buying habits. Hispanics adopt newer technologies more rapidly than the general populations, but the population is segmented between online and mobile. The session will delve into specific demographic markets, targeting to specific subcultures.

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