Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Project 3 Topic

My topic for project 3 will be the Delta Zeta Sorority. I have been in Delta Zeta since my freshman year of college and plan to be an active member until I graduate this spring. I will create pages for our philanthropy, history and upcoming events. For the philanthropy page I will include information about our service to the speech and hearing impaired and the Painted Turtle Camp, for terminally children. I will include pictures from the camp and the speech and hearing institutions that we support. In the history section I will provide facts about our founders and when and how Delta Zeta was established. I will also include images of our founders. For the last page I will discuss upcoming events that raise money for our philanthropy, along with pictures from previous events. For more information about Delta Zeta visit

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I totally forgot to upload a post about the second half of the video... I'll post a picture now and then I'll update this later.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Internet Video: Taking the Internet for Granted

Like many others in our class the technological lingo in the video confused me. What caught my attention was when the video addressed the old version of the Internet and how it functioned. It made me think about how I used to use the Internet in middle school. I forgot how slow the Internet used to be until I watched the video. I remember having to use dial-up connection and waiting forever for it to finally connect to the Internet. I visited AOL right away and mostly used the Internet for chatting on AIM. When I wanted to go to other sites it would take much longer to access the webpage than it would today. The video said that in 1992 only 50 webpages existed on the Internet. Today I visit many of the billions of webpages offered that didn't exist in 1992 or even nine years ago.

I feel like I take the Internet for granted sometimes because I don't really stop to think about how advanced the Internet has become. I no longer have to stare at the computer screen for 20 minutes, waiting on the page to load or have my mom yell at me to for blocking the phone line while using the Internet. Now I can simply click Internet Explorer, visit any site I want, have unlimited access to information and talk on the house phone all at the same time (if I still actually had a house phone). For the most part I quickly find all the answers to my questions and when I don't I get really frustrated. Now after thinking about it, I appreciate the modern Internet much more and next time I think about throwing my laptop across the room, I will stop and tell myself, "Anything is better than dial up."

Click the follwing links to help you remember dial up connection:

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Beginning of the Internet

After watching both parts of the film on how the inter webs came to be, I realized that we really take for granted the easy access of various communication mediums we have. I'm not going to lie, the first half of the video was a little hard to follow, but the process was still pretty interesting. I guess I never really stopped to realize how much trial and error had to go into the whole process. I was a little surprised that the people running the communications companies at the time weren't more supportive of the idea that the universities had come up with, but I'm sure they were simply afraid of change within their world of existing telecommunications.

The second half of the video was all stuff that I was pretty familiar with such as the commercialization, e-mail, etc. I wonder how many of the early pioneers actually still profit off of their contributions to the world wide web.

Mainly, I am just thankful that it is becoming more readily available to use and hope that I can keep up with its constant evolution.

Hope you all have a great labor day weekend, but in the meantime here are some interesting facts about the internet.