Sunday, February 13, 2011


#FAIL: Infamous Social Media PR Disasters:
Marla Erwin will talk about some of the more famous PR distaters. During my intro to PR class, we learned about some famous PR disasters, and some of them end up being pretty funny, so I found this one very interesting. The presentation will help you to learn how to avoid these costly mistakes.

Landing your next job through unconventional personal branding:
During a PRSSA meeting, we had lecture on personal branding that I found very helpful. This presentation is to help you learn techniques to go above and beyond using current trends to help gain an edge in the job market. Because the economy is so bad right now, and jobs are hard to come by, I think this would be very useful and interesting.

Social Media and the NBA: Where it's @
I am a sports finatic, so this one caught my eye. I follow numerous professional basketball players on Twitter, so I was curious to see what this would be about. Tariq Ahmad discusses NBA fans and how they are using Social Media to keep up with their favorite teams. It also suggests how sports fans and sports teams can take better advantage and use social media to better communicate through the sports world.

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