Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interactive - SXSW 2011

Too Small, Too Open: Correcting Wikipedia's Local Failure -
I head to Wikipedia to research every project, and generally consider whatever it says to be golden. But, being a collaboration of facts by people, it's susceptible to human error. This panel focuses on how Wikipedia encompasses worldwide, general knowledge, but limits the ability to collaborate at the local level. Panelists include: Michael Trice, a doctoral candidate at Texas Tech University, currently researching community traditions, localized networks and journalism. Philip Neustrom, co-founder of and also works with non-profits to engage everyday citizens and traditionally underrepresented constituencies. Phoebe Ayers, who has been involved with Wikipedia since 2003 as an editor and community member.

The Accidental Writer: Great Web Copy for Everyone -
I've always considered myself a writer - that's nothing accidental - but writing for the web is a whole other ballpark. This event discusses writing effective web copy, what's good and what's not. I feel that this would be an appropriate event to attend, especially taking this course and venturing to the unchartered waters of web world. The presenter is Melanie Seibert, who has over 10 years of experience writing... just about everything. She also works full-time at a software company and runs her own freelance company.

All Grown-up: Brand Mascots in the Digital Age -
I'm a communication design minor and we're generally told to never create logos that look like the Michelin Man. But if that's who represents your company, you better work it! This panel suggests that a great way to do that is to make your mascot interact with your customers. Companies are giving their mascots a twitter account, a personality and letting them make friends - and it's working. Presenters include: Derek Fridman, the Creative Director at Sapient Nitro, specializing in the conception and execution of cross-channel experiences. Emily Reid is an account director at IQ, with a background in integrated campaign work and focuses on shopper marketing and creating compelling digital consumer experiences.

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