Monday, February 14, 2011

SXSW 2011

I worked for and attended SXSW last year and got the experience to sit in at a lot of panels. I found the film panels hosted by movie directors to be the most entertaining. However, if I were choosing three, I would definitely have to choose one from each category: Film, Music, and Interactive.

For Film, I think the Go Green: Save Green panel by Larry Engel sounds good. I am very interested in the "green-washing" that goes on today by marketers. I would like to hear about what filmmakers are doing today to "green" their products and increase sustainability and what is myth.

For Music, I think the Jason Feinberg panel Socially Awkward: The Art of Socially Media sounds interesting. I would love to promote music and labels as a career and this panel will provide instructions on how to transform fans from listeners to life-long followers.

For Interactive, I would love to attend Can the Internet Make Us Happy? by Kevin Hansen. This panel will look at how the internet and social networking actually impacts how we feel. In all my classes this semester, we have taken time to talk about social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter but have never discussed it from this angle. I am curious to learn about what research says regarding social media and how it impacts our moods.

And of course we would all be beyond thrilled to attend all the keynotes, trade shows, screenings, concerts and parties!

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