Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awesome SXSW panels

"Death of the Textbook, Emergence of Games"
Death of the textbook? I was in love with the panel at first sight.This panel will discuss the idea of social network games replacing traditional educational media. Topics include but are not limited to:
  • What will they look like?
  • What will the teacher's manuel look like?
  • How will learning be assessed?
  • What will it be like when online learning is available 24/7?
  • Will the education system adapt to the new social media trend
Presenters are Alan Gershenfeld of E-Line Media, James Bower of Numedeon/whyville and Sara DeWitt of PBS.

"Direction of the Touring Industry"
According to Rolling Stone and other sources concert ticket s me sad, so why not do something about it and learn a little from the experts.Panelists will discuss "artists, managers, agents and promoters on the dynamics that include the conglomeration of promoters, venues, record companies and ticketing organizations as well as discussion of the state of independent promoters along with 360 deals, new ticketing and music dis
tribution sources." I wonder how much time they have because that is a lot of information. I hope they have time for it all!

"Packaging the Experience: Attract Audiences to Your Records"
I recently read that vinyl sales have increased
(by no means a large amount, but the fact is exciting to some). This panel will discuss physical albums vs. virtual and what artists can do to get consumers back to CDs and vinyl. For example, how can artists put the experience of their band into one small package? On that note, I read an article on a musician that records every performance and sells it on a flash drive after the show. It is always interesting to see where music is going next...

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