Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union/Video Reflection/Assignment...


While watching the State of the Union Address I was, strangely, reminded of the video we watched in class the other day.

I was a little taken aback during the video when one contributer said the sole reason for developing communication came from fear of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Knowing the technology we have today and seeing how it's efficiency has changed the world, it seemed strange to me that people didn't initially see other reasons for a push.

Tonight, the president spent a great amount of time talking about how innovation is crucial for America to remain in its economic position. He pointed out that countries like Russia and China are advancing because of a push in early education. These countries understand they have an opportunity to "get ahead" by developing technology before the rest of the world. He called our era a "sputnik moment". He (or rather the individual who wrote his speech) recognizes that Americans should once again fear Russia and other countries for their advances. He boasted that we are the nation of Google and Facebook. But what will be next? And who will create it? He hopes this moment of fear will once again drive Americans to innovate, like it did last century. I guess we will see.

Moving on....

My assignment was to find the #1 song on this day in the UK. This was easy enough. Here are the steps I took:

1. Typed "#1 song in UK" into Google
2. Clicked on the third option, "UK Singles Top 40"
3. Up came a list with Grenade, by Bruno Mars, at #1
4. I checked a couple other sites the initial search yielded to make sure

So the answer: Grenade, Bruno Mars (Am I the only one whose never heard it??)

That's all for now!


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