Sunday, January 23, 2011


My name is Danielle, but I go by Dani. I was born in Virginia, raised in Austin.
I am at the end of my junior year....or maybe at the beginning of my senior, not exactly sure... PR major, psychology minor.
I love music and I'd love to have a career in the music business (which is vague, i know, but i'm working on narrowing it down). I am an intern at The Recording Academy's Texas Chapter located on South Congress in Austin and I'm totally going to take this opportunity to plug GrammyU, a part of The Recording Academy that prepares college students to enter the music industry through networking, educational programs, and performance opportunities. I remember a lot of y'all are interested in getting into the music business...check out
Apart from school and work, I love to travel, wakeskate, snowboard and I usually have some sort of art&craft project going on. At the moment, I have a wine cork board in progress...if you're a wine drinker I would appreciate any contributions. Thanks!

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jessicar said...

Hey I used to live in Virginia Beach, that's where I plan on moving after graduation. What part did you live in?