Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Search Engine / Video Assignment

Hi class, my assignment was to find out who Lawrence Lessig was. Since Google has never let me down when searching for names, I typed in the name "Lawrence Lessig" in Google. In 0.11 seconds, Google found about 425,000 results. I chose to click on the second link, www.lessig.org, Lessig's official site.

Other than being a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, Lessig is an author of several books focusing primarily on copyright law in the digital age. He is also a co-founder of Creative Commons. Once I read his biography, I quickly recognized him from a TED video on YouTube.

The speed at which anyone with a computer and a broadband internet connection can obtain information today is astounding. The video that we were watching in class lets us appreciate the hard work and innovation that was put into creating the internet. I had never heard a good explanation of the history behind the internet, so I'm glad I saw this video. It's hard to imagine that most computers were as big as rooms back then, but now many are as big as a human hand, sometimes smaller.

I can't wait to see the technology that my future children will grow up with years from now.

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