Monday, January 24, 2011

Search engine/ video assignment

My assignment was to suggest a book on finding the right pet.

The book I select is, "Are You the Pet for Me?: Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family" by Mary Jane Checci. This book is listed on as a "mass market" book. Users on Amazon rated the book five gold stars.

I found this book by doing a Google search with the phrases "book buying the right pet" and "book selecting the right pet". My searches yielded the book as the top response to my query. The author's webpage for the book also appeared in my searches.

I also searched Barnes & for books on pets and selecting pets. This search did not yield many relevant books.

If it wasn't for Larry Roberts I wouldn't have even been able to have done such a quick search. He had the mind to connect two computers. It's crazy to think that technology has progressed so rapidly. It was only a few years ago that the launch of the space station appeared to be the most advanced technology, and yet it has less computing power than the average personal computer.

The beginning of the internet network began with just two computers, then multiplied to four. The idea to connect computers seemed to be a long shot, an idea tossed to graduate students to tinker with. Large companies would not even touch the idea, let alone provide funding. Computers of the 1960's and 1970's were not built to run continuously. There was also no commonality between the computers being connected. These were all hurdles to be overcome before a connected network could form. The first computers were able to do simple data transfer. The computers in this network multiplied from two, to four, upwards and by the 1970's, 18 computers were connected. This brought about another problem, there was no way to find errors in the circuit. The solution, honeycomb shaped circuits, so that when one outlet was down another could transmit signals.

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