Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MLB Leading "Base thief" in 2002

The Florida Marlins ranked more than once for stolen bases in the 2000s. Two-time champion Luis Castillo led for the most stolen bases in 2000 and in 2002. The infielder led for 48 stolen bases that year and also helped lead the Marlins to the World Series the following year in 2003.

To conduct my search on who led the most stolen bases in a National League for Major League Baseball, I used the search engine Google and typed in key words that I knew would help result in a successful search. I used key words like “led for stolen bases in MLB 2002,” also including the year helped narrow down my search. I chose open the first option in the results, which was titled “MLB stolen base leaders by the year-2000s." My search results were pretty accurate on the first try, the time it took to gain accurate results was 0.23 seconds. I used a picture from the website as well.

The video “Behind the Web,” provided a detailed explanation on how the invention of the Internet began and the amount of contribution made by many different people over the years that ultimately led the Internet to what it is today. Many researchers such as Bob Taylor, JCR Licklider, President Eisenhower (who established ARPA) and many others all played their part with different ideas and theories that led to the overall creation of the web and internet connection. I found it interesting that it took so much research and work just to create the correct pathway to transmit a simple message.

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