Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Best Italian!

For the search engines and directories assignment my question was: Suggest a good Italian restaurant in the Austin area. What is the price range?

In my opinion, suggesting anything "good" to someone else,especially when it comes to food that you may not have even tried, always involves looking at reviews of others who have. So in tackling this question I thought of a great review website: www.yelp.com. Now I'll walk you though the process:

On Yelp's main page, search engine I typed "good Italian restaurant" and a list of the top-rated Italian restaurants in Austin popped up. Here I had a few options but in order to the best fit of a "good" restaurant, I read reviews from the top three rated restaurants. Still uncertain about which one to pick, I decided I needed to look at the Austin Chronicles Restaurant Poll so I went to the Austin Choronicle website. On the main page there was a tab labeled "Food." Under the "Food" tab I clicked on "restaurant poll" and on that page I clicked on the browse tab to "Browse by Award" then clicked on "Best Italian" and sure enough one of the top three restaurants that was listed on Yelp on had won "Best Italian" restaurant nine years in a row! That restaurant is Vespaio.

So using the Austin Chronicle really helped me narrow down my choice for a good Italian
restaurant. It's like with anything subjective, there needs to be somewhat of a sense of creditability from many different sources. For the price range, I went back to Yelp and clicked on Vespaio and there it gave me a price range that read:$$$=Spendy, $31-$60. So what's my recommendation: Vespaio, Price Range: $31-$60.

Shifting gears, we started watching "The Internet: Behind the Web" and although I'd seen it already last semester, I manage to find interesting facts about the process of the Internet that I hadn't notice before. Like the idea that BBM graduate students were working on the 9-month project of making IMP's or Internet Messaging Processors and were actually able to successfully create technology really says a lot about the importance of education and knowledge that can be gained in college that sometimes you may never gain outside of that environment. For me, that hit close to home since I definitely feel that way about the reason I'm in college studying my field.

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