Wednesday, April 14, 2010

College students and diet - the way we eat (final project idea)

Adri and I are going to do our final assignment on the topic of college kids and diet. We plan to explain the way college kids eat, cook, and stay healthy (or unhealthy).
While many students rely solely on Ramen Noodles and EasyMac, others take the time to cook and plan meals on a daily basis - depending on lifestyle and schedule.
On the site, we could have pages that provide recipes for the on-the-go students, plans and tips to prepare meals when you are constantly busy, and unhealthy habits to kick. Also, we could provide a page that talks about how students actually eat and the unhealthy long term effects of such eating habits.
Maybe our pages could be this: 1) typical college diet 2) side effects of typical college diet 3)healthy alternatives (college friendly recipes) 4)tips for planning meals 5) interviews with students 6) helpful links
For the interviews, we could interview students around campus on camera and ask them questions about a normal day for them when it comes to diet and exercise. We could feature unhealthy students, as well as healthy students.


Adrianna G. said...

Our final project is going to be AWESOME!

Jessie Spielvogel said...

no doubt about it!