Tuesday, July 24, 2012


A website I have started using frequently this summer is InternMatch.com. I can look for newly posted internships for any city in America with specific internship interests for my major. I really like the colors and textures used on this website; it has an older, rustic look with simple fonts and bold colors that I think appeal well to college students. It also has incorporated links to Twitter and blog posts by interns working through the site as well as posted tips and ideas for excelling in your internship. I believe the site has great navigation, an interesting/memorable logo, excellent content, and is a great site for finding available internships. I recommend it to anyone in pursuit of an interesting internship like me.

IMDb is a website I have been frequenting for years. This is my go-to website for any film knowledge or questions I might have. Here, I can look for ratings, reviews, trivia, years of release,  box office information and so much more. I spend a lot more of my time on the IMDb application on my iPhone than the website, and check it daily for new trailers and information on upcoming films. I love looking up my favorite directors like Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino to see what new projects they are working on for the future. This particular website doesn't draw me in for its design but for its content but I believe IMDb is easily accessible with appropriate navigation strategies and a consistent color/font theme. The content on this site may be too cluttered for some but I think in this case the content of this site is more important than the design.

A third site I visit frequently is Netflix. I do not have a smart TV but what I do have is an HDMI cable! This way, I can use the Netflix website on my laptop to watch any movie or show on the site and then use my cable to plug my laptop to my TV and watch instantly. Netflix has changed their navigation strategies throughout the years to make it easier for customers. I have always liked that Netflix will show the title of a film or TV show with a cover so the customer can get some sort of visual insight on the program before watching. Although it can be annoying at times, I can appreciate their scrolling of film/TV covers because most of the time visual interest will be the deciding factor on what a customer will watch. Definitely a smart navigation strategy to make the website more appealing, visually. I also like the ability to rate what you've watched and that Netflix uses these ratings to find films and TV shows you might be interested in.

As far as Project 3 is concerned I am not sure what I will focus on specifically as of now, but I do know I'd like to relate it to film or music, if possible. Perhaps to an film society in Austin or for an up and coming band who needs better press? Whatever it will be I know I will need an effective navigation strategy, an bold and recognizable style sheet and lots of good content to make my site credible and memorable.

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