Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Internet: Behind the Web

This documentary remined me when I first used personal computer and the Internet. I remember DOS programing class in elementary school. I and my friends learned how to draw diagrams for simple programming. Since my high school days, Korean used Window and later the Internet. At the biginning of the Internet days, some friends made homepage for university clubs. The homepage was so simple that we can see some information which some of us posted on it. Even though amount of  information was scarce than now days, but I excited about writing something on the homepage to share my thinking with my friends and watching humors posted by my friends. As looking back on that time, I did not wonder who made this system and how it worked.After the watching this documentary, I remembered that time and learned a little bit about the history of the early days of the Internet.

I think that the developing of the Internet is contributed by many inventions to be available to use the current Internet such as TCP/IP and Email. I really appreciate the inventor's scientific passion and contribution for the public. I cannot imagine how they could share their incredible inventors with other people. Thanks to their effort, these days, Web 2.0 age, a lot of people can make application for using Web and the Internet and they share them with people in the whole world. I can talk to my mom with Skype and Kakaotalk free of charge. What an amazing world!

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