Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Scoop on Amy DeNuzzio

Hello Everyone! My name is Amy DeNuzzio and I'm a graduate student in Health Education. I spend most of my time in Jowers with all the health nuts and athletes of the school. As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, I also instruct an elementary education course about early school health issues during the "real" school year.

Though most of my family is from the little Czech town of West, TX (yes, the place where people stop to get delicious kolaches!) I was born and raised in New England, right on the seacoast in the tri-state area of New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. I've spent most of my life in southern Maine, though spent every summer of childhood with my grandparents in West- so I knew I always wanted to live in Texas and took grad school as the perfect opportunity to do just that. I love Texas, but being away from Maine has made me appreciate it more than I ever have.

Some of the things I miss are the ocean and lighthouses, as well as my parents; boyfriend of four years, Adam; my toy poodle, Olivia; and my 6 month old nephew, Pierce. He was named after Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics. And, yes, I am also a Red Sox fan....

Some of my favorite things in the world are summed up with the word 'adventures'- anywhere, anytime, any means of travel, just get up and go. Running, hiking, kayaking, going to shows, reading, amusement parks, rocks (as in geology), cooking and baking, weight lifting and art of any kind are some of my hobbies. Beer, lighthouses and turtles are some of my favorite things. I am a nutritionist, but I have to admit that ice cream is one of my favorite foods. Kale is one of my others, though! They cancel each other out.

I'm excited to learn lots of great things in this class, and I'm sure it will be quite an adventure getting to know everyone! Below are some pictures of my favorites...

Here in SA with my best friend since high school, Jeannette (on right)

Exploring the rocky Maine coast this May at Acadia National Park!

My poodle, Livi, can never wait to open presents!
Always a good choice...

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