Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Girl, You Don't Know Me

Say, classmates.

What you can't see is my short shorts.
My name is Zechariah Leal and I find these sorts of introductions to be a bit awkward, forced, or whatever; I'll try to skip the typical spiel.

I'm currently in the middle of a move (hence this late post- I was without internet) and hating every second of it. When I'm not miserably tired and loathing my own living space, I'm really quite amicable.
I don't enjoy bars, but drunk people love to talk.
I love conversation. Politics, technology, and philosophy are oft-discussed in my home. I'm currently trying to convince my best friend Kwobby that his newly discovered love of objectivism is ill-founded (he just finished Atlas Shrugged, he's a bit dazzled)- four days and counting; I'm sure I'll reach him soon enough. Above all else, I'm a pragmatist. Logic captivates me and forces me to challenge and defend my personal philosophy often, as it should. Face to face conversation is the perfect vehicle for this necessary discourse.

Me holding a cat, holding Harry Potter. Layers of fun.
Beyond all of that, I'm really into cats. My girlfriend and I have four, far fewer than we'd like, but the most we can have with the three bedrooms we've got. Someday we'll have a cat cafe (a coffee shop with cats, not a cafe for cat patrons) or a cat sanctuary, maybe both. One can dream.
God damn, I love dancing in a suit.
 The rest of my interests (the highlights, at least, presented in no order) generally consist of tennis, electronic music, suits, ties, and cigarettes. I know you like at least one of those, so strike up a conversation. I'm looking forward to this summer session, I'm sure you'll all contribute to my enjoyment of this class.

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