Monday, July 30, 2012

The Fishtail Braid

 This past year or so, I noticed people talking about the "fishtail braid" in magazines, such as Lucky and Shape, and I had seen celebrities wearing it on TV. I thought this look might be fun to learn; since I don't usually care about what my hair looks like, I wanted something easy to do that could look good messy as well as neat. Blake Lively wears it well, below.
I sought a You Tube tutorial for the first time, literally ever. I was pleasantly surprised to find a tutorial by one of my style icons, Lauren Conrad. I felt this 'do was meant to be, and thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial. It's quick, with mostly music playing as you watch Conrad's hands moving through her hair. I like the clean, simple look of the video. It was obviously done by a professional, though there were other vloggers with tutorials on the same subject.

I found this video very helpful, especially since the cameras and lighting really helped me see what she was doing. Now I just need to get hair extensions to achieve the full effect of this braid. Lauren Conrad has a ridiculous amount of hair, of which I'm extremely jealous. Maybe next I can seek a video on installing fake hair.

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