Monday, July 30, 2012

Lost Passport?

I went on a trip to Florida back in October...I stupidly brought along my passport and when I returned from Florida it was nowhere to be found. My hope was that as I began to clean out/move out of my current apartment, I would find it hidden somewhere. But alas, it is gone. So I used the idea for this blog post and found a very helpful video on YouTube:

The video tells you exactly what you will need and the steps to take when you have lost your passport. Watching the video led me to this link, which has the form I need and the questions I must answer to receive a new passport. I feel learning online is something that is second nature to a lot of people. If someone wants to know how to do something, I'm almost positive there is a video on YouTube instructing you how to do so. I refreshed my memory on how to sew this past halloween as I was making me and my boyfriends halloween costumes. With help from YouTube, people can learn just about anything.

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