Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to grip the baseball

As a big fan of baseball games, I have interest in gripping the baseball. When I watch baseball games on television, casters always say about grips of pitchers. I think that knowing about the grips might make baseball fans can get more fun. Therefore, I would like to search how to make the grips baseball on YouTube. There are many videos for it, and I want to introduce some awesome videos.

The first point for a good instructional video is that the video should make viewers focus on contents for simple backgrounds. Messy background might interrupt viewers with concentration on contents of videos.

The second point is that the explanations should be easy to understand because most of viewers might be the beginners just like me. For example, in the second video above, the instructor explains grips very slowly.

Also the length might be important in making instructional videos. If a video would be so long for watching, it might bore viewers. Of course, if we can make captions to help people's understanding, it would be a better way for videos.

Learning something on YouTube has many advantages. For example, we can learn whatever when I want to do, and it is free, of course. If I want to learn advanced level, maybe I would be better learn it at offline academy, but before that, I can have a chance to learn the basic level online.

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