Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Introducing Morgan Eaton

Hello all! My name is Morgan Eaton and I'm a senior here at Texas State. I'm currently working at Hastings in San Marcos where I find things to be extremely stressful at times. I'm majoring in public relations with a minor in international relations. My dream job would be to work for United Nations in helping 3rd world countries get access to sanitary water. I would also be happy with being the relations director for Professional Bull Riding.

my 3 best friends I've known since birth
My little brother/ best friend

I find my self to be an extremely diverse person. I'm from a small east Texas town called Kilgore located about 5 hours from San Marcos. I love to do just about anything outdoors. I love to travel and would pretty much do anything for a good laugh. I'm really excited about this class because I know it will benefit any career field that I choose. The internet is a powerful thing and I'd love to learn everything I can about it. I've posted some pictures below just to make this post a little more interesting!

This picture says everything you need to know about us as siblings. This photo is of me with 3 of my brothers and my older sister

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