Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"If Al Gore invented the Internet, I invented spell check."

Although the movie we watched yesterday was older and outdated, I understand that it put the vastness and ever-changing pace of the Internet itself into perspective. I thought it was insane that only a handful of men were responsible for the basic creation of something almost everyone in the free world uses today. And no, people don't just use the Internet for email and games anymore. The ability to search and find huge amounts of information on any topic you can think of is mind-boggling! One major point I appreciated in the film was from the computer wizards constantly working to improve and change the Internet. Even 15+ years ago, they understood what the importance of the Internet and computers would be and continue to be for years to come. For something as limitless as the Internet to completely surpass the widespread use of telephones, TV's, and the printing press in such a small amount of time leaves me in awe. 

I think of the day when I got an AOL account (I was in elementary school at the time) and couldn't wait to start using a new messenger. Before I could even text, I was able to talk to my friends in an instant, without ever having to pick up a telephone or get up off my lazy ass! I remember thinking, "THIS is monumental!" but I never imagined the "genius scientists" who created this would have so many more applications and programs to widen the use of the Internet. I never thought I'd be on Google every waking moment to search food recipes, learn history, even look at pictures of puppies if I so choose!

There are no limitations to the Internet, which continues to astound me because I know in 30 years when I'm considered an old lady, I will probably have no idea how to use the "new" Internet just like my parents before me. With the newest iPhones, computers and software constantly changing the face of the Internet, I can't even imagine what is to come years down the road or what else I'll be able to do with my laptop. 

The film we watched helped me to better understand the creation and first uses of the Internet, but it's amazing that in a relatively short time the internet the inventors knew then and the Internet we know now are two COMPLETELY different things!

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