Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Internet in Yo Face!

Ohhh the internet. What would we do without you!? I'll tell you. If you wanted to meet up with your friend you would find a telephone (that was attached to the wall by a cord) and call your friend to setup a time and place to meet. And without calling each other every 5 minutes to update your location, you both would magically appear at the meeting spot at the agreed upon time! And instead of updating what you had for lunch with a picture on facepage you would ask someone what they had for lunch. If you cared-which you don't, so you wouldn't! But the internet has done some good things for humanity. For example, it gave fat people the ability to alter their personalities and claim they were in a relationship with someone 2,000 miles away. But like we mentioned in class, uploading books and texts online is a great advantage the internet has given us. God I hated looking up information in books! It took forever! Which is one of the reasons I hated school as a young boy. And those stupid card catalogs-pain in the arse! Putting books and important texts online justifies what I said to Mrs. Ray in 3rd grade:

Little Kevo: Mrs. Ray, I can't find this book.
Mrs. Ray: That is why you must learn the Dewey Decimal System Kevin.
Little Kevo: I hate Dewey and his stupid decimals and I'm never going to use it because it's stupid.
Mrs. Ray: This system has been used for many years and will be used for many years to come so you       had better learn it young man.
Little Kevo: Whatever. I can find Curious George on my own-all of his books are yellow.

What I found interesting about the video was not so much how the internet and web were developed but that these guys where in the drivers seat at the beginning of something so monumental. Can you imagine leaving the laboratory (or whatever) having just created what would be the most important invention since, the printing press(?). Then sitting down in a crowded bar full of people who have no idea that in a few short years their lives would be changed by an invention that you created. I mean, those people would have no idea that their lives would be changed by the group of nerds in bow ties over in the corner sipping sarsaparilla. I'm sure it was a  great feeling for those nerds. And can you imagine how easy it would be to pick up women after that! Being able to say you invented the internet is like being able to say you invented fun!

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