Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey Now!!!!!

Hello, Hello, I'm Kevin. Houston native, Austin admirer and California dreamer! Brief history rundown goes something like this:

Barely made it out of high school; played in a band for 3 years; joined the military 1 month before 9/11; went to Iraq; got out; moved back to Houston, said "screw this" and moved to Austin; won a contest from NASCAR worth $250,000; spent a lot of money partying, traveling, extravagant shopping spree's, limo rides to 6th street; followed my dream and spent a year doing stand-up comedy; invested in a start-up solar company; company went under and lost the rest of the money; pulled head out of arse and came back to school. 

So now I'm a senior majoring in journalism which is odd because I have no desire to report news. But, I'm a good writer so I'm hoping to find a job as a sports writer or broadcaster. The comedy itch is still there and I'd ultimately like to land on a morning talk show or something like that. I say a lot of stupid *&#$ and am always good for that 'perfectly timed joke' and 'over the line' comment. I'm hoping a degree in Mass Comm will lead me to a medium to get my personality out either writing or radio. Right now I host a sports talk radio show for KTSW here on campus which is a lot of fun. I should be graduating in December so I'm looking forward to using my Bachelors Degree to get a job at Wal-Mart or...deep breath and fingers crossed....the Parks and Wildlife Department! 

As for the class, I don't think I'm as technologically inept as I think I am but I do fall in that generational gap that grew up without instant communication and social media or cell phones. I've certainly embraced technology but maybe not as much as some of these kids on campus. I just got text messaging last semester! And of course I look forward to meeting new people and everyone in class.



Brittney Vaughn-Frank said...

Dude. Your life is like, really really interesting.

Stock98 said...

Thank you Brittney! I've let down a lot of family members to get to where I am today...

Cindy Royal said...

Yes, your life is definitely interesting. Please include links in your posts,