Monday, July 23, 2012

What I learned from the videos

I really enjoyed the fact that a lot of the sites they mentioned had young people develop them like Yahoo!, Facebook, and Napster. It's interesting to see how they easily adapted to the new world of the web and dove right in with their own purposes in mind. Some where very successful and still are till this day.

I also liked how they pointed out the problem with ads in some of the sites. Like when you are on Yahoo! you can clearly see the ads on the page, not annoying just noticeable. Google on the other hand handles it much better by having the ads placed to the side and also offers a shopping area if you really did need to shop. I personally use Google all the time and love it, it is a great site that I am glad they created and still are working on till this day.
 Some sites I really like are Tumblr, our Texas State homepage, and Google. The thing I like most about Tumblr is how everyone can personalize their 'theme', and a lot of themes are nicely coded css. I loved all the hover affects and how neatly it places pictures and the brilliant color schemes used. Our Texas State homepage is a very simple but organized site. When I go to it there is tons of graphics but a lot of useful links as well. I like how they stick to our maroon and gold and fit everything into a small area. Google is always a favorite for me because of how easy you can find things, but also how easily readable it is. The little bar it offers at the top is great too because you can find what your looking for specifically even faster!

For my website idea I don't really have anything yet. I don't have a lot of hobbies (I know I'm so interesting) so it might take a while to choose something. I'm a fan of a lot of cartoons and things of that nature, so I could do some character bios or something in that area. I am excited to pick out a cool css template and manipulate it how I want it to look with Dreamweaver!

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