Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Presenting Brittney Vaughn-Frank

Hey y'all!
My name is Brittney and I'm  a senior Electronic Media major from the tiny town of Jarrell, TX! I'm 22 years old and hope to be graduating in December!
Most of my time is spent working, working out, or looking for future work! My obsessions include my dog, the news, music, Mad Men, and cheese. Oh and I'm also recently married to this super cool guy.

That's John. And me. Sitting on a pretty bench.
I'm the oldest of three, and I'm super freakishly close to my brother and sister (and parents!). Although I'm married, I'm not looking to start a family of my own for quite a while. I want my career to take me all over  the world!

We do cute things like this. My husband joined in on the fun.
As I stated earlier, I'm crazy about the news. I'm crazy about reading it, watching it, and retelling stories to my friends. I also have a passion for writing. This is why I've chosen to go into the field of Electronic Media. I want to be a professional storyteller, a reporter. I'm hoping to get a strong start in Austin, but I know it's a tough market to break into.I think the skills I learn in this class will certainly be helpful :)

I'm on Instagram - BrittneyyJade
 and Twitter - @brittneyyjade
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Oh and here's this really cool picture of my dog, Moose. He's snorkeling.

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