Monday, July 30, 2012

You can do that?

Throughout the history of mankind, fewer things have frustrated people more than trying to fold a fitted sheet. Many people have tried only to fail miserably, and usually end up bunching it into a ball and shoving it in the back of the closet. I myself have fallen victim to the 'Venus fly trap' of linens, sucks you in only to discard you after it has sucked the life out of you. 

So to help conquer these daunting tasks that some said could never be done, we turn to the internet in our time of need, and lo and behold our hopes have come true. This video begins with the explanation of why it is important to fold your sheet, and not just roll it up into a messy sheet ball that no one can find when they need it. Then shortly thereafter she begins to slowly and thoroughly explain the process of how to perfectly align the corners and make sure you no longer have a messy linen closet. 

This video has all the elements that are necessary in a good how-to video, and these online how-to videos are becoming a popular way to learn things for people with access to all the internet's glory. Online learning is a wonderful tool for those who might be unable, physically or geographically, to attend a higher level of schooling. The internet is an ever expanding source of information, and we should continue to utilize this amazing tool as much as possible and remember to never be satisfied with where we are, and that are many things we don't know we don't know.

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