Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Pipe a Rose with Frosting

On my lazier days, I love to watch Cupcake Wars on the Food Network and other baking shows. When I'm bored enough, I'll Google different recipes and videos of people making desserts or cakes. Over the weekend I saw a wedding cake on TV with buttercream roses on it. I was fascinated and knew there would be at least one video of someone making a demonstration on YouTube. I found this video of a baker carefully demonstrating the making of a buttercream rose. The video is extremely detailed and is over 10 minutes long because the baker is so precise  and detailed in her explanation of how to make these types of roses.

Although this video is a great how-to video, I believe this baker's instruction uses words and phrases only a baker would know and this particular DIY is not fit for those without the proper knowledge or previous instruction. It can get a little boring to watch this process go so slowly but I understand the care the baker is taking in this video. Overall, the details and information in this video are quite helpful, making it one of the better how-to videos I've seen on YouTube. 

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