Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome to Web Design

Greetings. Welcome to the Web Design and Publishing class. The course is designed to introduce students to issues related to online media. In addition to the skills we cover in the class, we will also discuss the new media profession, Web credibility, online reporting sources, cyberlaw, blogging and podcasting, and basic multimedia design.

Take a moment to introduce yourself here. I'm the instructor, you can call me Cindy. I've been teaching Web design for longer than a decade. I love working with technology and helping students unlock their creativity. Prior to TX State, I got my Ph.D. at UT. My experience before that was in business at two tech companies, NCR Corporation and Compaq Computer. But I enjoy being a college professor much more!

In my spare time, I enjoy live music, so I guess I live in the right place, Austin! I have a concert review blog, a tech blog at and I write for Texas Music Magazine. I also like visiting Ladybird Lake and kayaking. You can find out more about me at I look forward to getting to know you all this semester.

This blog is an open forum and your constructive comments are welcome. Be aware that's it's on the Internet, so anyone can read it. Be honest, but respectful, of the medium!

Cindy Royal

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