Monday, July 23, 2012

Thoughts on "Search" and "People Power" Videos

First of all, that host was a hoot. Super corny but strangely entertaining.

The videos themselves were also pretty interesting, and very informative.
It never ceases to amaze me how fast the web world works (say that fast 3 times). The big dogs of the tech industry are usually pretty smart, but I think it's their quick thinking and ability to act fast that has landed them where they are today. The battle between Yahoo and Excite just seems to me like one big headache! The advertising really got out of hand with those two. Thank goodness for Google and it's more subtle ads.

The "People Power" video was especially interesting to me since communication is the main component of my future career. Many corporate media outlets are angered by the public's ability to broadcast themselves without any expertise. However, I think it's awesome that sites such as Twitter and Youtube have revolutionized news and entertainment. As an aspiring reporter I see these outlets as tools for reaching people across the country or even the world. Digg had a great idea - giving people the power to choose what news is most important. I think that their strategy should and will be copied by news outlets worldwide. 

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