Tuesday, July 10, 2012

THE Emily Morris

Greetings everyone!

As I stated in class earlier, I'm Emily Morris. I was born in Memphis, bred in Houston but in my heart, I'm really a Yankee. My entire family on both sides were born and raised in New York City but alas, I am the only true Southerner and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Pulp Fiction Poster

I'm a public relations major with a minor in media studies (film). Film is what I am most passionate about. I am constantly in and out of movie theaters to catch the newest films, and paying homage to the great classics whenever I have the time. Hopefully, my future will be filled with new film projects to work on and produce or become the next Ari Gold of Hollywood...whichever comes first. I am constantly enamored with the film industry as well as its history and technologies that have created a booming industry and paved the way for modern masterpieces. I love any work by Quentin Tarantino which makes it easy to choose one of my all-time favorite films by him.

I am currently working on finding any PR internships available for the fall but am still looking for any internships in TV or film production on any scale.

As far as this class, I hope to gain the knowledge I know will be required and appreciated in any job I will need in the future. I am really looking forward to working with iMovie since I've never had any hands-on experience with film editing. The internet is everywhere, making it extremely easy to create, send and explore any information with anyone across the globe. Having web design skills will get me that much closer to finding the best job for me while broadening the skills necessary for my generation to stay above and beyond the curve of change. 

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