Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Internet: from its beginnings to its user-friendly

Obstacles and difficulties during the development of the Internet resulted in a user-friendly service.  In In the beginning, the developers of the internet focused on how to connect different terminals without networks in common. Then, they need to improve the size, network, use and functions about the internet related devices and programs.  So far the results showed good signs about the great potential of the internet. From 1967 to 1972, researchers developed the “killer app”: the email, 25 sites online and 19 things to do in the computer.

More applications were needed when more information was available online. The World Wide Web was invested, the software to find information. After the internet was considered as a public resource in 1992 and more websites were created, it was complicated to search information. Then, the next killer app was the browser. Therefore, when the internet was being developing, there were new needs appearing at the same time. Paying attention to those needs, for example looking for easy ways to find information, has been really important to make the internet a user-friendly service.

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